61x6zmwF-5LSL1500_ Vicks V745A Warm Mist HumidifierVicks V745A is a 1 gallon capacity Humidifier which provides Warm Mist output. If you are looking to get relief from coughs or colds or comfort from dry air, Vicks V745A is your best Choice. Because there are few Warm Mist humidifier on market, what you find out is all cool mist humidifier just like TaoTronics TT-AH001 and Honeywell HCM6009.

Vicks is an American brand of over-the-counter medications owned by the American company Procter & Gamble. Vicks manufactures NyQuil and its sister medication, DayQuil.So it is not only a Humidifier Company but also a medication Company. I his long history, Vicks is a medication company to care about people’s health. So their Humidifier Selling point is to provide temporary relief from cough and congestion that fit into corner of your life, there is an array of Vicks  humidifiers and steam inhalers for you to choose from.

  • Product type:Over-the-counter medicines
  • Owner:Procter & Gamble
  • Country:United States
  • Introduced:1890
  • Previous owners:Richardson-Vicks, Inc.
  • Tagline:”Breathe Life In”
  • Website:www.vicks.com


  • Dimension:12 x 7.9 x 14.2 inches
  • Shipping weight: 4 pounds
  • Manufacturer:Vicks
  • Item Model:V745A/V745-JUV


  • GERM FREE which Heated vapor kills up to 95% of bacteria, mold and spores.
  • SOOTHING RELIEF: Use with Vicks Vaposteam or Kaz Inhalant for added relief from cold & cough symptoms, for easier breathing and a more restful sleep
  • EASY TO USE: Lift with the soft handles to easily remove the 1 gallon tank to quickly fill under most sinks and enjoy up to 12hrs of whisper quiet, warm mist operation
  • FILTER FREE: No filter required for virtually worry free maintenance
  • BETTER CONTROL: Easily manage humidity levels with the adjustable knob with dual output settings and automatic shut-off when the tank is empty


  • Warm mist
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • 1 Gallon up to 12 hours runtime
  • Medicine cup allows the use of Vicks Vaposteam or Kaz Inhalent to produce a medicated vapor that Soothes


  • Makes some noise when rotating, but still quiet enough to sleep with.
  • Hard to see water level

Yamibest Review

Vicks is a traditional Company to produce medication to relief from cough, congestion, killing bacteria and better breath. So their products are the ability to use Vicks (or Kaz) medicinal inhalants to infuse the air in the room with cough suppressing vapors. It is one of Best humidifier 2018 in my mind.

There is no filter necessary, but you want you can buy one to put it on.The on/off switch glows green a little, does not light up the room at all.

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