Hi, I am Jeff. We couldn’t live without a Vacuum Cleaner, isn’t it? Same as Best Humidifier Review, Today I would like to talk about the Vacuum Cleaner.

Keeping your home clean and tidy is a sign of cleanliness and it contributes to healthy living. With vacuums, you can suction debris out of your floor and rugs to keep everywhere neat and clean.

However, it is sometimes very difficult to find the best vacuum cleaner to use for the cleaning purpose. That’s why I put much effort into researching and compiling this list of the ten best vacuum cleaners you can use for cleaning purposes. Here are they:

1.Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister – Best High quality Vacuum Cleaner 2017

Miele-Classic-C1-Olympus-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Top 10 best Vacuum Cleaners - Buyer's GuideThis vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning some parts of the home that are very difficult to reach. It is equipped with the right features that make it very useful as a reliable vacuum cleaner, especially for hardwood floors. It can easily remove allergens and dust from your home. Manufactured by a Germany-based company, Miele, it is a lightweight cleaner you should use for cleaning rugs, carpets, and floor.

Performance and feature

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is easy to use and provide absolutely wonderful cleaning power, this is it. With its suction control, the vacuum cleaner is empowered to serve as a high-performance cleaner that leads other cleaners that are designed for keeping floors clean.

The cleaner sports a wand that is made of stainless steel, an electrical cord that can automatically rewind, and other features that make it useful in cleaning an area that is about 29.5 feet in radius.The device also boasts of an upholstery tool, a good dusting brush, and a nozzle to make it useful in different areas of the house.

If you want to switch from cleaning a carpet to a floor, you can do that with the assistance of its Classic FiberTeQ by flipping a toggle switch. This ensures that the use of the machine is not limited because of the versatility of use that is incorporated into its design.It also has a Motor System that is robust enough to make it very effective in suctioning dirt and debris from your home. Regardless of the surface, you want to clean, you can count on this machine to provide the best performance.

Its filtration mechanism also removes all particles in the home that can lead to some lung-related health conditions. This is possible with its AirClean system that is highly efficient and convenient to use.



Some pros of this vacuum cleaner are:

  • It is easy to use, thanks to its numerous features and accessories.
  • It is highly efficient as it can be used to remove different sources of dirt from the home.
  • It has a long power cord that can reach the extreme parts of your home.
  • Emptying the cleaner is very easy too.
  • It is a powerful suction that can meet your domestic needs.
  • It is easy to assemble without having to pay a professional for assembling it.
  • Its versatility makes it useful for area rugs, some pile carpets, and very hard floors.


On its cons list, you have the following:

  • It is not ideal for homes with pets.
  • It is noisy compared with some other vacuum cleaners.

This is definitely one of the best vacuum cleaners around. You can get one to keep your home in good condition and remove dirt, debris, and others.


2. ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Miele-Classic-C1-Olympus-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Top 10 best Vacuum Cleaners - Buyer's GuideNot all vacuum cleaners will cost you a small fortune. Some are very affordable and efficient for getting the job done easily just as their more expensive counterparts. It is so versatile that you can use it to reach the farthest nooks and crannies of whatever property you want to use it for.

Features and performance

This is one of the vacuum cleaners with the best suction mechanism. Its mechanism allows it to easily pick up dust and dirt. It also has some blade brushes for cleaning carpets without leaving traces of the dirt.

The cleaner is also designed to automatically perform some functions such as recharging, docking, and adjusting to different floor types that it may be used for cleaning. Thus, it can automatically adjust to clean hardwood, carpet, laminate, tile, and more.

If there are some parts of the house that are very difficult to clean, it can use its dash-free feature to reach those areas and clean them well. You can also overcome your fear of this device falling off a stair because it has an edge-detector technology to prevent it from falling off a cliff when cleaning.

You can also set the working time and condition of the device in advance so that you can always clean up the mess in your home at any hour of the day as indicated when presetting it.

Another important technology that supports the efficiency of the machine is the mini-room technology. This is useful in ensuring that a room is meticulously cleaned while prolonging the lifespan of the machine. As a result, you can enjoy a thorough cleaning of your home for years on end without bothering yourself about a replacement.


The common pros of this cleaner include:

  • It comes with more accessories and tools with most vacuum cleaners to boost its performance.
  • It is highly maneuverable.
  • Maintaining it is relatively simple without much stress.
  • It comes with a User Manual that will work you through the process of operating and maintaining the device. You only need to abide by the instruction to keep the device in a good condition.
  • Assembling the device does not require the services of a professional technician because it is very easy to assemble.
  • It charges quickly without wasting your time.
  • Its presetting feature can come handy for you to keep you home clean always


Some of the cons of the device are:

  • The battery sometimes loses its durability after using it for a couple of months.
  • It sometimes tangles and may need to be remotely controlled before it functions.

I will rate the Shark Navigator NV 325 vacuum cleaner as the most reliable affordable vacuum cleaner that promises unparalleled maneuverability. It is a must buy for every home.


3. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional

Miele-Classic-C1-Olympus-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Top 10 best Vacuum Cleaners - Buyer's GuideWhen shopping for the best upright vacuum, you should give Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner vacuum cleaner a trial. This cleaner is everything that its competitors want to be. It is a very strong vacuum cleaner that can handle any cleaning job without considering its toughness.

Performance and design

Its design and performance underscore the reputation of this vacuum as a very strong device for the most difficult tasks. Its suction system is second to none among other vacuums. This equips it to handle very tough cleaning tasks better and easier than others. This property makes it the ideal vacuum cleaner for both poet owners and parents as it offers them the freedom to conduct any cleaning exercise in their homes without worrying about the ability of their vacuum cleaner.

It can easily remove some tough stains and spots from stairs, carpet, upholstery, and other areas in the home. This is possible with its 8oz cleaning formula, some tough stain remover, and other related components.

To gain access to some areas of your home that you normally find difficult to reach, the manufacturers provide the device with some flex hoses so that stains and spots can easily be removed in some areas such as upholstery, the stairs, and some areas of the rug. With its 22-inch power cord, you have an efficient machine with all it needs to be on top of its game.

All these features are supported by a 2-year warranty that increases your confidence while cleaning your home. As a result, you can confidently work around your home, picking dirt and spots here and there with the knowledge that you are well covered.


Consider a few of its pros:

• It has a large-capacity tank that allows you to clean your home longer without the need to repeatedly empty your tank.

  • Its long power cord gives you the freedom to work around the home unrestrained.
  • Its suctioning power is unparalleled as it can easily suction stains, spots, and some stubborn dirt.
  • It is versatile and can be used to clean different areas of your home.
  • It is very easy to maintain.
  • It is not bulky.
  • It is a real bargain at its price.


  • The hose is susceptible to splitting after some time.
  • Its efficiency reduces with age.
  • It leaves some traces on the floor when it is not working well.

This product from Bissel is really a professional vacuum cleaner with its high performance and absolutely wonderful features. While it has some cons, the overall performance of the machine makes it a worthy cleaner for any cleaning you may intend carrying out in your home.

4. ROLLIBOT Puro 200B 3-5 lbs

Miele-Classic-C1-Olympus-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Top 10 best Vacuum Cleaners - Buyer's GuideThere are tons of vacuum cleaners but this product stands out and proves to be the perfect machine for you if you want to suction dirt and debris out of a variety of floors and carpets in your home.

Even if you have pet hair to contend with, you can overcome that issue by using this extraordinarily awesome piece of machine with its abundance of features and accessories that make it a must-have in some homes.

Features and performance

It has a dual filter which is handy for the device to suction debris through this dual filter. That increases the speed of operation of the device in addition to its overall performance.

You can clean anywhere in your come by using its 6 different attachments to clean anything in your home, ranging from sofa corners to your ceilings and pet hair.

Its brush head is motorized so that you can conveniently deal with any mess in your home. It can run on battery alone for 28 hours so that you can conveniently carry out your cleaning exercise without being in fear of running out of power.

You can change the function of the device with just a click of a button. You can make it transit to a hand-held and efficient cleaner from a floor device. In that capacity, it can best be used to clean some difficult places such as under your furniture, above your cabinets, your fans, and air vents. You can equally use it to clean your car in the garage because of this portability. That is a proof of its versatility and edge over other cleaners.


  • It is driven by a mechanism that makes it noiseless.
  • It is lightweight, a feature that makes operating it to be very easy.
  • It is a cordless vacuum. You gain the freedom of movement and operation from that feature.
  • Its brush head is motorized to increase its efficiency.
  • It suctions debris and dirt very well to ensure that your home is properly cleaned.
  • It is also portable and gives you the privilege of using it in any part of the house without being restricted by some cords.
  • Its speed of operation is second to none.
  • It is really affordable because it is slightly cheaper than some other devices.


Some cons that are associated with the device are:

  • It cannot be used efficiently on carpets but is excellent when used elsewhere.
  • You can spend almost 5 hours to charge it when it is new.

The ROLLIBOT Puro 200B 3-5 lbs Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Cyclone Suction; Motorized Floor Brush & 5 Attachments is considered one of the best vacuum cleaners that can be used under different circumstances. With its amazing qualities like lightweight, cordlessness, portability, and the likes, you have one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners that will take your cleaning experience to the next level.

5. BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass – Best Value Vacuum Cleaner 2017

Miele-Classic-C1-Olympus-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Top 10 best Vacuum Cleaners - Buyer's GuideIf you are looking for an efficient vacuum, you have it in BISSELL 9595A Vaccuum with OnePass. In contrast to most vacuums with little or nothing to show for their hype, this vacuum gives you a superb cleaning of your home just once. You don’t need to make repeated cleaning over the same place several times but only once.

Its features and performance are linked to its technology. For instance, it is powered by OnePass Technology which offers it an extremely powerful suction ability to make cleaning fast and thorough. It also has a brush design that is specifically designed to make it achieve a better cleaning experience than its contemporaries at the first attempt.

Whether you want to clean some furniture, stairs, your upholstery and other parts of your home, this is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner that will clean those areas without hitches. That saves you some time and energy, what is absent in most cleaners.

All homes have some areas that cannot be easily reached. They are mostly the dumping ground for some dirt and dust. This cleaner is equipped with a crevice tool, extension wand, and some dusting brush so that reaching those areas for effective cleaning is possible.

You can also take advantage of its long power cord to reach nearly all parts of your home. With a 25-feet long cord, you have unrestricted access to the nook and cranny of your home so that you can clean those areas very well.

One of the challenges of vacuum cleaning is the stress of dragging a heavy vacuum cleaner. That issue is resolved in this device with a lightweight design that makes it convenient for a user to carry the device or push it around the home without exerting much effort.

The manufacturers also incorporated a multi-cyclonic system into the device. This system provides it with an efficient suctioning system that is useful in separating debris from dirt so that the device filter remains in a good condition for longer. And of course, the ease of separating the particles is a welcome development for users.


Some of the pros of this powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner are:

  • It is cheap in comparison with some other cleaners in the same category.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Its long cord is a bonus for most users.
  • It is very efficient in cleaning carpets.
  • It has an awesome design that adds to its beauty.
  • It is very easy to empty the bin.


  • Its versatility does not cover hardwoods.
  • The tube of the suction nozzle is considered short by some users.
  • The power switch is not conveniently located.
  • You need to empty the bin frequently.

Over the years, the BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass – Corded has gradually worked its way among the best vacuum cleaners with a multi-purpose functionality. This makes it acceptable to people from all walks of life as an efficient cleaning machine.

6.BISSELL PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner

Miele-Classic-C1-Olympus-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Top 10 best Vacuum Cleaners - Buyer's GuideWhen dealing with dirt on a carpet, it can be easily dealt with. The same cannot be said of rugs. Dirt can get stuck in rugs and gradually deface or damage them. When situations like that arise, a very good vacuum cleaner such as this is needed to remove the dirt and prevent the rug from damage.

This vacuum cleaner is one of the few ones with the capability to work efficiently in order to put your rug in a good condition that is debris free. We can get a glimpse of its efficiency by going through its features and performance.

Features and performance

The Bissel vacuum cleaner can remove any form of stains and grit by using hot water with some detergent only. This will result in a sparkling clean rug with the prospect of serving you for long.

The cleaner also has comes with a rotating brush that can scrub a rug properly so that stains can easily be removed from it. When there are some stains and dirt that a vacuum ordinarily can’t remove, you can count on the rotating brush to do the job.

Sometimes, you may need to clean a carpet only. You can take advantage of the carpet cleaner that comes with the vacuum cleaner to remove some stubborn stain from such carpets. This carpet cleaner is equipped with dual rotating brushes in 4 rows. That will ensure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned.

Other features of the device include a lint screen, a nozzle, and a measuring cup for measuring the amount of cleaning detergent for proper cleaning of a carpet or rug. The vacuum cleaner itself comes with a bottle of a cleansing formula and some detergent with the capacity to deep clean any rug or carpet in addition to protecting them from future attacks by stains and dirt. This is an indication that the machine is designed with the goal of offering its users a memorable user experience from a high-performance cleaning.

When using this machine, you have its long power cord to help you move freely around your home as you continue your cleaning without having to repeatedly plug and unplug your cleaner.


The pros of using this machine are:

  • It is very easy to assembly. You can get it assembled in less than 5 minutes.
  • It can be used in homes with pets.
  • It is very easy to use and you can use it at any time of the day.
  • It can easily remove stubborn stains from rugs without much ado.


Consider these cons:

  • It doesn’t work well with hot water or heat.
  • Its tank easily becomes full because it is small.

By using this vacuum cleaner, you can thoroughly clean your carpet or rug efficiently so that they can be free of odour always. These are some of the reasons why you should buy this vacuum cleaner that is ranked among the best vacuum cleaners in 2017.

7.Holife Handheld Vacuum – Best Value Vacuum Cleaner 2017

Miele-Classic-C1-Olympus-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Top 10 best Vacuum Cleaners - Buyer's GuideIt is not a common occurrence to see a handheld vacuum cleaner that can compete with some bigger counterpart in terms of efficiency and durability. One of the few vacuum cleaners with such traits is the Holife Handheld Vacuum, Cordless Hand Held Vac Car Pet Hair Cleaner 14.8V Lithium with Quick Charge Tech and Cyclonic Suction vacuum cleaner.

This mobile and portable can be carried about for use in your home, car, or office without the challenge of pulling a weight behind you. This helps you to be prepared for any cleaning emergencies that may come up in the aforementioned places.

Features and performance

This is a cordless vacuum cleaner without the restriction of place. Without bothering yourself with restricted movement, you can easily move it around and use it wherever you want. With its small handle that makes handling the device easy, you have a machine that also offers ease of us so that you can conveniently clean wherever the mess is.

It can also offer you uninterrupted operation due to the ability of its battery to power it for almost half of an hour while in operation. This time is sufficient for you to clean wherever you want o clean quickly. Of course, you should remember that such handheld cleaners are not designed for cleaning a large area of your house.

Its handle is ergonomically designed for the prevention of sudden wrist pain and fatigue. With its brush attachment, you have a tool that you can efficiently use for general dusting at home. You can also use it to clean your picture frames, keyboards, books, and lampshades.

To offer you a device that can easily clean up well edges, corners of your home, or stairs, it comes with a crevice tool


  • It has no bulky cords that may serve as hindrance to you while cleaning your home.
  • Its portability makes it the ideal machine for any emergency cleaning.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is very convenient for picking up pet hair, dust, and dirt from different surfaces in your home.
  • It is a lot quieter than most vacuum cleaners.
  • Its battery is long lasting too.
  • It offers an impressive ease of use experience.


Some of the notable cons of this otherwise awesome cleaner are:

  • Its small size limits its scope of operation. You can’t use if for cleaning a large area.
  • Its latch is weak.
  • It takes about 5 hours to fully charge.
  • It is not advisable to use it for cleaning over 100ml of any liquid.

You can’t question the durability and versatility of this portable cleaner; it is the perfect tool for you for cleaning your crumbs, wall edges, hair, corners, pets, and dust. Don’t forget that you can also use it to vacuum-clean your car and office. In this portable device is a powerful and efficient cleaning machine.

8.Dirt Devil Quick Flip Plus BD30025B– Best Value Vacuum Cleaner 2017

Miele-Classic-C1-Olympus-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Top 10 best Vacuum Cleaners - Buyer's GuideFor a thorough cleaning of some messes, a very powerful cleaning machine that can help you to remove any traces of dirt or dust from your home is needed. Among the known vacuum cleaners, the Dirt Devil Quick Flip Plus Cordless 16 Volt Lithium Ion Bagless Handheld Vacuum BD30025B ticks all the boxes.

That is why you need this portable and powerful cleaner with some unique features that make its performance a delight.

Features and performance

Among vacuum cleaners with powerful batteries is this cleaner with a powerful lithium battery. The battery can charge faster than most of the vacuum cleaners that use a similar battery and is long lasting with its fade-free attribute. This 19-volt battery is a good addition to this device. If fully charged, it can serve you for a couple of minutes while putting your home in order by getting rid of dirt and dust.

Some tight corners of the home are not easy to manually clean. With its QuickFlip tool, unrestricted access to such places for immediate and thorough removal fo unwanted particles is guaranteed. As a result, you have the assurance that all areas of your home are in perfect condition.

Other parts of the home that need serious attention are the upholstery and the stairs. These places are the right places for debris to hide without being conspicuous so that you can find it difficult to remove them. However, you can remove any dirt or dust from these places if you use its built-in turbo tool to give such places a thorough cleaning.

Since it uses a battery, you may need to recharge it from time to time in anticipation of the next cleaning exercise. That is why you will appreciate its power indicator that informs you of the need to recharge the battery when it has run out of power. When you do, you are guaranteed of keeping your home clean always because the device is always handy with a fully-charged battery for any unscheduled cleaning whenever that is called for.


The Dirt Devil Quick Flip Plus Cordless 16 Volt Lithium Ion Bagless Handheld Vacuum BD30025B cleaner has these pros:

  • It can clean any part of your home.
  • The device has a long-lasting battery for emergency use.
  • It is portable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is quite easy to maintain.
  • You can easily move it from any place to another.
  • You don’t need to keep it plugged into a socket before using it.
  • You can empty the dirt bin without much challenge.


Among its few weaknesses are:

  • It is occasionally difficult to plug the charging jack in.
  • The first charging may take about 6 hours.

Overall, this is a unique vacuum cleaner that can be used for different cleaning exercises in the home. Whether you need it for cleaning your home, office, or car, it is definitely one of the best machines around.

9.BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16V – Best Seller Vacuum Cleaner 2017

Miele-Classic-C1-Olympus-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Top 10 best Vacuum Cleaners - Buyer's GuideThis machine combines its awesome design with an amazing performance and features that book its place among the very best vacuum cleaners.

This beast boasts of the latest technology which is the force behind its performance as a cleaning machine without a rival. With its strong suction property, you can use it around your home to remove dirt and dust and other debris that detract from the beauty of your home.

Since this is a handheld device, its range of use is not limited to your home alone. It can be used wherever you can carry it to. Whether for cleaning your car or removing some unwanted particles in your office, you have a small but powerful machine that is designed to meet your needs.

It also boasts of one f the most powerful batteries among its contemporaries. When fully charged, you can use it for about 18 months depending on the frequency of use. Since handheld vacuums are not used in a similar fashion with big vacuums, you will find it handy for a couple of months. This ensures you of an outstanding experience while using the device while it will also offer you an exceptional performance.

To also enhance its performance, it is powered by the revered Smart Charge Technology. This technology ensures that the vacuum is energy efficient by using about half of the energy that other vacuums will use for the same task.

It also self-cleans. Supported by the Cyclonic technology, the filter of the vacuum is kept clean always so that you spend little time cleaning and maintaining it. Its dirt blow is also translucent so that you can easily see the dirt and promptly empty it. This prevents an unnecessary accumulation of dirt in the machine, another measure that keeps it clean always. If you want to conduct a thorough cleaning of the device, take off the bowl and wash it. That way, you can rest assure that the vacuum will be around to serve you satisfactorily for years.

It is good news that the device can also pick pet hair in addition to some other dirt and dust. Therefore, you have no fear of having a pet if you have this awesome vacuum cleaner.


Some of the strengths of this powerful vacuum are:

  • You will go through zero stress to empty the dirt bowl.
  • It is cordless so that you have no worries over the impediment that a cord may turn out to be.
  • Running water can easily clean the filter too.
  • A strong battery life to serve you better.
  • It is not noisy.


  • It is small and cannot be used for a heavy workload.
  • Using it on a carpet can be challenging.

You have a handy and very strong vacuum cleaning that can serve you in different capacities. Having it handy is a good way to prepare yourself for using it at any time. Due to its portability, you won’t find it difficult moving it from your home to your office, and vice versa.

10.Car Vacuum – Upgraded Vacuum Cleaner – Best Vacuum Cleaner For Car and Pet Hair 2017

Miele-Classic-C1-Olympus-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Top 10 best Vacuum Cleaners - Buyer's GuideAside from your house and office, your car also deserves your attention. It needs to be in good condition always so that you don’t feel embarrassed when people find strands of hair or pet hair when they are on a trip in your car. That means that you need a good and reliable vacuum cleaner to handle that.

Of course, it cannot be denied that there are tons of such vacuums around you. However, the Car Vacuum – Upgraded Vacuum Cleaner for Car & Pet Hair Portable Handheld Vacuums Cleaner with16 ft Power Cord with Carry Bag (Black) is far ahead of its competitors in terms of efficiency and durability.

Features and performance

This Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair surpasses its competitors when it comes to sucking up dust and other debris. This is attributable to its radical cyclones and other features. That makes it the perfect vacuum cleaner for your car.

It also comes with some attachments that are designed to make it effective in cleaning every area of your car including the corners, crumbs, dust, liquids, and pet hair.

While performing its functions, it doesn’t have the same noisy attribute of other devices that are designed to perform similar functions. That makes cleaning your car to be delightful as you can listen to your favorite music while working on your car without any noisy interference from the device.

With its 16ft power cord, you can clean every part of your car without any restriction as is common in devices with shorter cords.


Some pros that are connected with this car vacuum cleaner are:

  • It is lightweight.
  • It is very portable.
  • Maintaining it is very easy and you are encouraged to keep it clean after each use.
  • It is not noisy.
  • It is so versatile that it can pick up different particles in the car.


As of the time of writing, no con of the device has been established. The article will be updated if any con is established in the future.

If you have young kids, the chances of having your car messed from time to time increases. This is not a genuine excuse to leave your car in a bad condition. Rather, you can take advantage of this portable vacuum cleaner to remove their messes and keep your car in a good condition any time of the day.


These are the Top 10 best vacuum cleaners if you ever need a cleaner for any purpose. Since they come in different sizes and models, you can use this guide to choose the vacuum cleaner of your choice.

Since most of them are affordable, have long-lasting batteries, and are easy to maintain, you can pick a vacuum cleaner with the durability to serve your for years. That will guarantee you a means of keeping your home, car, or office clean always without any fear of having them overgrown with dirt, dust, and debris.

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