For anyone who enjoys the concept of BBQ without any troubles things, having a good Gas Grill is something that happens to be extremely necessary.

Getting out the grill for a good old barbeque once in a while is a nice way to spend time with friends and family, and getting the best gas grill will make the experience even better.  Depending on your budget, you could get something decent which might not last forever, but will create memories that will. If you have a bit more to spend, you could get the best of the best.  Regardless of the price range, there is always something for everyone.

When we come to Kitchen products. there is no doubt that Best Rice Cookers and Gas Grills are our Most highlight products. Today, As a professional Blog for Home, Kitchen and Garden Best Products’ Review. We have reviewed countless gas grills, and come up with the top 10 best gas grills in order of ranking.

Best Gas Grills 2018

Item NameManufacturerWeightMaterial 
Blackstone 28 inchNorth Atlantic Imports LLC69 poundsStainless Steelcheckprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's Guide
Super Space 52Super Space67 poundsStainless Steelcheckprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's Guide
Broil King Regal 958244 ProBroilKing215 poundsStainless Steelcheckprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's Guide
Weber 61004001 Genesis IIWeber Stephen Company227 poundsStainless Steelcheckprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's Guide
Cuisinart CGG-180TCuisinart2.2 poundsSteelcheckprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's Guide
Cuisinart Cgg-059Cuisinart10 poundsSteelcheckprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's Guide
Royal Gourmet Classic 6Royal Gourmet114.6 poundsStainless Steelcheckprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's Guide
Char-Broil Classic 360Char Broil48.5 poundsStainless Steelcheckprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's Guide
Blaze LTE 32-InchBlaze LTE-ss304checkprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's Guide

1.Blackstone 28 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill  ­­– Best For Restaurant Grade Style Cooking

checkprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's GuideContrary to popular opinions that a more expensive grill would work better, this grill priced at under $200 works perfectly fine. Its grill has been replaced with a Blackstone griddle making it easier to cook a wider range of food items; anything from pancakes to eggs, potatoes and grilled cheese. It has 470 sq. inches of grill space, which is perfect for a number of occasions, ranging from parties to camping. If you are cooking for a lot of people, you need space to store some of the food so it doesn’t get contaminated; Blackstone has a bottom shelf and two side shelves perfect for storing and prepping food.

Cooking, Design and Features

This innovative cooking wonder is perfect for creating the best moments with friends and families while eating and having fun. It has been designed with two burners with the BTU at 15,000 and 30,000 respectively to interchange between high and low heat, without fear of burning anything. This gas grill requires 1AA batteries, and it comes with an easy ignition switch which eliminates the need for charcoal or matches, which creates a safe controlled cooking environment, making it easier to relax and have fun while hanging out at events. The griddle is perfect for cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner meals and makes it easier for the meals to be cooked in their own juices, giving it more flavour. If you are not a fan of charred food, this grill would work perfectly for you. There is no need to worry about durability, as the Blackstone grill is constructed with black powdered grill, certain to not only distribute the heat properly for even cooking, but also keep the grill around for quite a while.  In addition to its durable coating, it wheels which are easy for movement and made from caster, are perfectly rainproof ensuring that you don’t have to deal with rust when using this grill. Its stainless steel burners and thick cold rolled steel cooktop is quite easy to clean, combine with a grease collector to catch excess grease, post-meal clean up just became a walk in the park. The grill is fuelled with a standard 20lb propane tank which is neatly kept in tank storage, making it safer for cook outs, especially with children around. This grill griddle styled station does not come with expert assembly, but that is not a problem, as the process for disassembling and reassembling is very easy, with its removable girdle top folds up legs and strong castor wheels; you could easily wheel this grill from your home straight to the campsite.


  • The price is not outrageous
  • It has two burners for regulating temperatures; great for when you want to cook in low heat.
  • Its griddle makes it great for cooking all kinds of meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner can be prepared on this grill.
  • It has an easy ignition knob which is great for increased safety.
  • It has wheels which makes it easy to transport from one place to the other
  • It is very easy to assemble, as it comes with the grill 90% assembled
  • It helps retain flavour and is safe as the juices don’t fall into the fire.
  • It is safe for children and pets to be around, with its stable support and storage unit for the propane tank.


  • Its grease collector is not large enough, so it doesn’t catch everything. This happens mostly during long cookouts
  • It doesn’t have a top for smoking purposes.
  • Refilling the propane tank costs more in the long run.

 2.Super Space 52,500 BTU BBQ Gas Grill – Best For Cooking Side Dishes

checkprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's GuideThe next up we are looking at something Best for Cooking side Dishes, as a website who’s known for doing a lot of reviews, people have complained about how we are always looking at the high end stuff, and missing out on some great value oriented products.

Well, today, we are bringing you the budget friendly Super Space 52,500 BTU BBQ Gas Grill.

This red 52,500 BTU 428sq.inche grill is perfect with great heat control and quick cookout times. It doesn’t come with an expert assembly, though there is an option to pay for an assembly service in addition with the purchasing service; this is usually very recommended, as a professional is on call to put together parts of the grill, while you don’t have to worry about which screw goes where. The price range is a bit over 300 dollars, but it is well worth it with three burners for a choice at varying cooking heats in the ranges of low, medium and high. The burners are also well placed together, eliminating hot and cold spots and allowing for even cooking of all foods. It has an added featured side burner which could be used to cook side dishes to go with the BBQ. Stakes, chicken, pork and a wide variety of meat can be cooked on this grill without worrying about the grease being a problem, with its drip pan large enough to collect any excess grease. If smoked food is what’s on the menu, this grill can deliver just that; with its stainless steel lid, complete with a handle even cooking and good old smoked food just became a possibility. In addition to its side burner for cooking complementary dishes, it also has a 129 sq. Inches extra porcelain- coated swing away which could be used for cooking food from pancakes to patties, especially if grill marks are not your thing.

Super space is built for convenience and a large gathering, its grates can be used to grill food for many an occasion; for parties, anniversaries or just plain old get together, the super space grill is able to bring people together for a good time. It comes with a propane gas tank and wheels for easy movement and transportation from one point to another if necessary. Its porcelain coated cast iron grates are not only perfect for cooking good food; they are also very easy to clean as they don’t get stained easily. It comes with a sturdy control panel and fascia which not only adds style but also makes this product a more durable one. Grilling is always a memorable affair, even more so with this grill as it makes everything easier giving you more room to focus on family and friends. Packed with an easy to use red painted metal front shelves, its equipped wide workspace storage system is perfect for prepping and storing food.


  • It has an 2017 model styled ignition system which not only makes it safer for people with kids, it also makes it quicker and more efficient
  • It has a side burner and a secondary grill/griddle which makes it more effective as a multi-purpose cooker
  • Its lid is perfect for people who enjoy smoked food.
  • It has wheels which is great for easy transportation


  • It is not assembled, and assembling is a bit difficult because the manual is not so descriptive, so you might need an expert.
  • The propane tank can be converted to one with natural gas, but it negatively affects the heating capacity.

3.Broil King Regal 958244 Pro Gas Grill – Best Gas Grill With Rotisserie Burner

checkprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's GuideBroil King is just one of the companies that have perfected the art of Gas Grill, their Gas grill have been around for years, and the 958244 Pro series is known for being one of the best. Although Broil King can be classified as pricier than the rest of the Gas Grills, they justify the price by delivering some great features.

Broil king specializes in creating master pieces that are sure to elevate the atmosphere in your party by creating an ambience certain to leave warm memories in each guest minds. Their renowned performance grilling technology allows for different styles of cooking a wide variety of food items; baking deserts, searing steaks and even rotisserie chicken or turkey is made very possible through this technology. They have perfected the art of combining size and BTU to ensure that meals are cooked at precise temperatures. Broil king ensures that at the touch of a button, steaks are properly seared and vegetables are gently grilled. This regal model is perfect for individuals who not only love to impress but want to create lasting memories.

Cooking, features and functions

This 55,000 BTU, 625 sq. inches of primary space is large enough to cook for a good number of people. Its stainless steel Flav-R- wave cooking system allows for even distribution during cooking, ensuring that your meals are packed with flavour and properly cooked. It also comes with liner-flow burner valves which allow for temperature control and sure-light ignition; this enables an easier and more efficient way of lighting the grill. Day time parties are not the only thing this grill is good for, with its stylishly designed illuminated control knobs, having a party at night is a definite given. Prepping and storing food with this grill is a cinch, with its stainless steel side shelves and enclosed cabinets all you need to worry about is cooking tasty meals.  It has a stainless steel cook box made from die-cast aluminum and high-grade stainless steel which is designed to make sure there is even heating and heat retention at all corners of the grill. The stainless steel grids are not only easy to clean; they are durable due to their high quality. Broil king has included their patented dual-tube burners, made from heavy-duty stainless steel they are guaranteed to provide even heat distribution as they come with two flames per burner. Not only does the burner give you full control of the grill’s temperature with its touch control knobs, allowing you to set the perfect temperature for whatever cooking activity you might be planning on carrying out, it also makes retaining the foods flavour possible by vaporising the grease as soon as they drop. This process also protects the burners. In the mood for some soups or side dishes in addition to your grilled meal, king broil has installed a side burner to help you do just that. The rotisserie burner comes with a split rod and a motor which turns constantly, ensuring even heat all over your poultry. Changing your propane is made easy with the pull out tank holder.


  • It has full heat control which allows you to set the temperature on low, medium or high
  • The product doesn’t offer installation with an expert assembly, but not to worry getting the grill together is fairly easy
  • Its stainless steel design makes it easy to clean after a grilling session
  • Its electronic ignition makes lighting the grill a lot easier, in addition to being safer
  • It has a pull out system for the propane tank which makes refills stress free
  • Its cook box has a magnet latch which makes it impossible for heat to escape during smoking sessions
  • Its dual-tube burners have a ten year warranty offer on them, and they are perfect for even heat distribution


  • It is a bit on the high side, price wise.
  • Its propane tanks would be more expensive in terms of refills in the long run, when compared to natural gas tanks and their benefits.

4.Weber 61004001 Genesis II LX S-340 – Best Gas Grill With Easy Grease Removal System

checkprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's GuideThe GS4 performance grilling system is known for setting standards in outdoor cooking products. This it has done with the genesis II LX series, creating a gas grill that is far apart from other grills in terms of performance. Weber is well known for discovering the needs and wants of their consumers and making strides in implementing them. Creating each part of the grill with the purpose of bringing satisfaction to the consumers by grilling each bit of food to perfection, weber not only takes the cake as one of the best grill makers around, they have also earned the tag “well ahead of their time”.

Cooking, Performance And Functions

Complete with a 513 sq. inch primary workspace consisting of three high performance stainless steel burners and stainless steel flavorizer bars, this 43,500 BTU liquid propane grill is not only built for comfort but efficiency as well. The stainless steel burners are designed for heat retention, in addition to an even distribution of heat. This even distribution of heat is made possible through its tapered design, allowing for a consistent flow of gas front to back. The flavorized bars are angled to get every bit of grease that sizzles and smokes on the fire, back into your meal, giving it the Smokey taste many know and love. An infinity ignition switch takes away the problem of having to carry about a set of matches in anticipation of failure. This switch does not fail and comes on every time, this it does with an internal switch on every burner.  Its grease management system makes it easier to clean the grill surface, as it channels grease drippings that has not been vaporised by the flavorized bars to a disposable tray which can be found around the catch pan under the cookbox. The preheat time for cooking can be cut in half with the high+ setting which means that the burners can be turned on to the highest heat setting. In addition to shelves perfect for prepping and storing food items, weber’s grill comes with side tables and tool hooks which not only allows you to keep your seasonings at arm’s length, but also makes it possible for you to hang your grilling tools for easy access. It also has a tuck away warming rack which can be used to keep food warm, or toasts some buns while grilling your patties. The tuck away warming rack is quick convenient as it can be folded and hidden when not in use.


  • It has a powerful LED light which enables you to see the true color of your food
  • It also has a side burner which is perfect for cooking up the most delicious complementary dishes
  • Its lighted control knobs are perfect for night-time parties, as they enable you have a good view of what you are doing during cookouts.
  • The iGrill3 thermometer is sold separately but is a highly advanced technological digital thermometer which allows for the monitoring of cooking activities in real time through your mobile device. This provides you the opportunity of seeing the temperature of the grill and the fuel tank level.
  • If you love your food with some sear marks, the stainless steel grates of this grill are perfect for you. They provide even heat distribution across the whole grilling surface as well as retain heat.
  • Its infinity ignition system is guaranteed to ensure you never have the need for a match box again. It switches on every time you try it
  • Its flavorized bars retain flavour and its grease management system makes it possible for easy channelling of drippings that were not maximized in the flavour retention scheme.
  • It is very easy to assemble, and has no need for an assembly expert.


  • It is somewhat expensive

5.Cuisinart CGG-180T  – Best Gas Grill For Taking Trips

checkprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's GuideCuisinart is ingenious in its design of culinary technology; popularly known for their food processors, they set the pace in making artfully designed and fully functional products for both the chef and the everyday person. The Cuisinart petit gourmet portable tabletop gas grill is perfect for camping, a day at the beach, hiking, picnics, and fishing or tailgating. Its petite feature enables it to fit into most places for easy travels. It could easily fit in a boat or a car. The difference with this portable grill is that it is sturdy and durable; designed with stainless steel and aluminum, it lasts long enough to make lasting memories. It might take some time to get warmed up, but it cooks as well as any grill, and is designed to allow an even distribution of heat throughout its surface.

Cooking, Functions And Features

It might be small, but it cooks family sized meals. This high-powered 5,500 BTU 145sq.inch grill comes complete with aluminum fold away legs which can be used in any weather without the fear of rust or corrosion. It is quite sturdy and safe for use with its removable legs that can be setup in just a few seconds. In addition, it has an integrated lock lid that keeps the grill safe. It is very easy to move around, as it has a handle which is styled with a briefcase outlook. Its porcelain enamelled grate is dishwasher friendly and is made with non-stick technology to prevent grease from sticking to it. If you plan on using it at home, it is great for small spaces like the deck and the patio. Its small size allows for increased heat efficiency, as the heat is always kept close to the surface. Its touch ignition button allows for easy in switching on the grill, and an increased safety in cooking in a controlled environment.


  • It is light, portable easy to carry about or travel with for functions, allowing for the enjoyment of grilled foods in the company of family and friends
  • Its non-stick grate makes post-meal clean up a very easy affair
  • Its portable size makes for a more efficient cooking grill
  • It has a twist start ignition for easy lighting.
  • Its foldaway legs make it easy to store away until when needed


  • The capacity for the drippings catcher is quite small
  • It does not come with a propane tank
  • Its plastic latch melts easily after a flare up, which makes it difficult to keep it closed after the incident.

6.Cuisinart Cgg-059 Grillster 8,000 Btu Portable Gas Grill

checkprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's GuideThe Cuisinart grillster has a snazzy designed stainless steel body, geared for high performance and a strong heating capacity, as well as an easy to clean grate. Its three walled design together with a hinged lid, allows for heat retention and even distribution of the temperature. The grill comes with a three year warranty and is easy to assemble. It has a perfect temperature system which enables you to cook, sear or smoke your food. Its small portable size uses one pound propane canisters, but could also be used with the standard 20lb canister, provided an adapter is purchased.

Cooking, Features And Functions

This 146 sq. Inch grill comes with enamelled cooking grate which is easy to clean and an 8000 BTU burner which regulates temperature for even distribution of heat and wider cooking options for various food groups. It streamlined design has a push button ignition system which starts the grill up with just one push of the button, making cooking easier, while giving the cook the chance to relax in a controlled cooking environment. The grill weighs only 10 pounds which means it is light enough to be taken to various places; grilling hotdogs while waiting for a baseball match to begin or making burgers for a first date is made possible with this grill. It has a small footprint which makes it possible to use on a small table. It could be used in patios, balconies, decks, RV’s and tailgating. It comes with a hood which lifts up to give easy access to the grate and can be latched in place for carrying about during travels or storage.


  • It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe, taking away the need to scrub after use. It is easy to assemble and installing the propane canister is a breeze.
  • It is light, portable and can be carried to a number of places
  • The design is very appealing, with its streamlined look and three walled design
  • It is perfect for cookouts even in a windy weather, and the tendency of flare ups due to wind is reduced.
  • The handle is very light and well designed
  • The grill cooks in even temperatures.
  • It has a locking lid, a large handle perfect for carrying the grill about, and folding legs which makes for easy storage options.


  • It has the tendency to flare up, which melts the plastic bits
  • It does not come with a propane canister
  • It uses one pound propane canisters which are a bit more expensive that the standard 20lb kind
  • The drip tray is too small, making clean up’s a little difficult.

7.Royal Gourmet Classic 6-Burner LP Gas Grill 71,000 BTU

checkprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's GuideRoyal gourmet is dedicated to improving upon existing technology, until it reaches a point where its consumers are completely satisfied with its products. This they have done with the royal gourmet classic 6-burner stainless steel gas grill. This grill is perfect for gatherings with its 586sq.inch cooking space.

Cooking, Features And Performance

Royal gourmet classic has five burners with a total of 50,000 BTU, a side burner with a heating capacity of 9,000 BTU and a plus sear burner of about 12,000 BTU. The side burner can be used to prepare contemporary side dishes while the grill does its job; some meat could be grilling on the grate while the BBQ sauce simmers in the side burner. The grill comes with an in-built thermometer which is used to determine the accurate temperature of the grill in real time. It has a heavy duty lid designed to retain heat, which is perfect for people who love the Smokey taste and flavour in their meals. The large cooking space is perfect for parties, with a total of 776 sq. Inches; the royal gourmet grill has a primary space of 586 sq. Inches and a warming rack space of 190 sq. Inches. Its porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grates work wonders in even distribution of heat during grilling. In addition, the grates are pretty easy to clean after use. Its swing away warming rack can be used to keep grilled food warm, or toast burger buns while the patties grill on the oven.  The gas grill is efficient and safe, with its switch ignition system, using a match box is a thing of the past. In addition to having an extra workspace for prepping, placing of seasoning and food items, the royal gourmet classic also has a cabinet with stainless steel doors, perfect for storing BBQ tools, a propane tank and accessories.


  • It has fixed and locking caster wheels which are perfect for making transportation easier
  • Its heavy-duty steel design makes it easier to clean and manage
  • It has a large metal work space which is perfect for placing seasonings
  • The secure positioning of propane is guaranteed with the provision of a storage space to that effect
  • It is inexpensive
  • The grill has a removable grease tray which is easy to clean and heavily resistant to rust and stains.


  • It uses a propane tank which could prove expensive in the long run, as opposed to using a natural gas tank

8.Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Gas Grill

checkprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's GuideChar-broil believes in working towards better innovated products, as well as improving on their pre-existing products to provide customer satisfaction, and as such the char-broil classic 3 burner gas grill has been designed.

It has a 360 square inch cooking surface with three burners comprising of a total heat capacity of 30,000 BTU, which makes it possible for large healthy meals for family and small gatherings. Its porcelain coated grates, makes it very easy to clean, as it prevents food from getting stuck on its surface. It has three stainless steel in-line burners, which are used to distribute heat evenly on the grill’s surface. The stainless steel design also makes the burners rust and stain resistant.  When it comes to starting up the grill with an ignition system, char-broil comes with a Piezo ignition system which makes for quick and sure start-ups. Cooking with the char-broil classic grill is always an eventful affair, with shelves for prepping or storing food and seasoning, there’s no need to dash back and forth as everything can be done on the grill, leaving you completely relaxed and able to enjoy a few jokes with the family while getting the food ready for consumption.


  • It has a large surface which can cook enough for family and friends during a BBQ
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It has shelves which makes it easy to place food for prepping or storage
  • The three burners are perfect for temperature regulation and variety in the different heat options. You could go from low to medium to high, at the twist of a knob.
  • It is small enough to fit in a truck for camping trips.
  • It does not take up space, and is pretty easy to clean and maintain
  • It has a porcelain-coated steel lid and a firebox, which protects the grill from adverse weathers such as rain.
  • It is inexpensive
  • It has a drip tray large enough to accommodate drippings from a large cookout. The drip tray is at the bottom of the grill, and the grill is angled in a way that allows the drippings go that way.


  • The propane tank is not secure as it does not have a proper place to keep it, to prevent children from toppling it over when running around


9.Blaze LTE 32-Inch 4-Burner Built-In Natural Gas Grill With Rear Infrared Burner & Grill Lights – BLZ-4LTE-NG

checkprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's GuideThe blaze burners is designed with four high-grade standard 304 stainless steel burners which are not only perfect for evenly distributing heat throughout the surface of the grills, but they are also highly resistant to the harsh effects from weather and others such as rust, stain, pitting and corrosion. The blaze grill is not only durable and set to last for a very long time, it is very reliable with its push and turn flame primary ignition system which delivers quick turn around on start-up times.

Cooking, Features And Performance

It has heavy steel rods which are durable, perfect for grilling a wide variety of food, as well as an internal lighting system which helps you navigate your grilling sessions at night. It also comes with heat zone separator which divides the cooking surface into individual temperature zones.


  • It is affordable
  • It is designed with 304 stainless steel which guarantees that the grill will last longer
  • It consists of SRL LED lights and integrated halogen hood lighting for night-time cooking
  • Blaze grills have a lifetime warranty for all components with the exception of lighting components which have only one year after purchase as the warranty period.


  • It doesn’t come with legs, detachable or otherwise which makes it inconvenient for outdoor grilling


10.2017 Turbo 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill – Natural Gas

checkprice Top 10 Best Gas Grills 2018 - Review & Buyer's GuideWe’re finally on the lasts product in on our list, and this time, we are looking at the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2; for those who don’t know, Plantronics happens to be one of the best companies when it comes to audio products, and their BackBeat Go 2 is not a different story, as it is easily one of best wireless earphones in th

This turbo 3-burner built-in gas grill has a total space of 610 sq. Inches and a heating capacity of 36,000 BTU. It has a heating system which makes use of high grade ceramic briquettes, sending heat upwards to make sure that even heat is distributed across the surface of the grill. It comes complete with warranty on all components, all ranging from 5 to 1 year as part of the clause.


  • It has a five year warranty on the cooking grids and stainless steel burners.
  • It has propane and natural gas versions which is perfect as you can choose which version you would like
  • The natural gas tank is advantageous, in that in the long run, refills are less expensive.
  • It has a hood which is perfect for retaining heat and smoking purposes.


  • It doesn’t have legs or wheels which would make transportation easier
  • A lot of accessories such as a side burner, and cabinets are sold separately which means added cost.


Making the decision when getting a grill doesn’t have to be all about budget, the material with which the components are made from are important to ensure durability, the heating capacity in relation to the total area of the burner as well as the number of burners (a minimum of two is necessary for proper temperature regulation), are all important to get a grill that is efficient and reliable enough for successful cookouts.

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