Yamibest has talked about Humidifiers for may cases including famous brand or those best value brand which is made in China. For that, We made a List of Top 10 Best humidifier 2018 and update it According to Amazon Selling and Customer Voting.

Recently, We found a new brand called PurSteam which is located in 1714 Franklin St, Ste B3, Oakland, CA 94612. However, I Found it almost same design as Pure Enrichment. So, I think it also made in China and maybe a Chinese Seller.

WX20180715-220816@2x-1024x613 PurSteam Cool Mist Humidifier

But I think there is no problem. There are many good quality products in USA are also from china and they provide a good price. Now let introduce this brand.

Contact Pursteam

1714 Franklin St, Ste B3, Oakland, CA 94612

Phone: 1-888-632-9981
Email: support@pursteam.us

There are no more introduction for this New Brand. But $27.9 is a good price for most of us to choose a humidifier. I think it also a good value product.

Now, Why we choose Pursteam?

Compared with PureEnrichment, Pursteam provide a 2.2 liter water tank.Provides ideal coverage for bedrooms, offices, and other medium-large sized rooms. There is only the one point and others almost the same.

Pursteam Humidifers List

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