Pure Enrichment is a leading manufacturer of premium Home, Health, and Personal Care products. One of the Top 10 Best Humidifier in 2017.  Their passion for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is the driving force behind the wide range of products we offer.

All Pure Enrichment products are held to the highest quality standards and are backed by industry-leading warranties.

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Our business is simple. Focus around the user and everything else follows.

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It may be a non-US company because there is no address and contacts on official website.

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A great diffuser. It’s stats say it can run 8-10 hours and can cover up to 250 square feet!It has a wide base making it hard for a child or animal tip over. It only has a continuous option. The tip has a nice glowing light that can either be off of rotate through different colors. It is super quiet and very easy to use!

——Mimosas with Hatamosa Review on Youtube

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