Yayaka Review: Best way to Top up WeChat Wallet with Paypal & Credit Card

Hey, recently I have been to China and Find it is cashless society in China now. There are almost none of people bring cash outside as well as credit card. They only bring a cellphone outside wherever they go. No matter they go to big city or a remote Village, They only bring their cellphone and they can easy to pay everything they want to buy.

But, As a Foreigner, I can only register a WeChat account and link a credit card even verify via my passport. But WeChat doesn’t allow me to top up WeChat with credit card as well as transfer money via credit card. There is only way for me to pay with WeChat wallet. That is, Pay with WeChat wallet balance which is sure to be CNY instead of other Currencies. But you know, I don’t have CNY even if I have CNY Cash exchanged at China bank with US dollars, But I can’t put it into my WeChat wallet.

What is more, WeChat Wallet is much more safe than Cash when I go out. If you lose your cash, you get nothing, if you lose your phone, your WeChat wallet is still safe because payment request password. So I Google it and want to look for a way to top up WeChat wallet to see whether somebody can help me.

After Comparing with Several Websites and Service, I choose Yayaka.com as my  first Choice. The reason for that is Best Exchange Rate and Nice service.

Best exchange Rate

As we all know, Paypal Charge every transaction with 4.4%+$0.3. This is the fee we have to pay. And Yayaka earn about 8-9% after reducing the fee from Paypal. Though it is still a little expensive but I think there is still acceptable because I know there are more costs that we may don’t know for every website. What’s more, they have to resist the risk of exchange rate because they don’t exchange it us dollar into CNY instantly.

Compared with other website get a 15-20% earning, I really think 8-9% is acceptable. The key is I just exchange about ¥500 and they charge me $84.95. Maybe you can bargain with the seller if you want more.

Nice Service and Delivery Fast

In fact, I am afraid that they don’t send me WeChat red packet after payment. You know, the first time, sure to be afraid of that. But the custom Service called Wendy is very nice and really helpful when I got trouble in WeChat verification.

The first time they take longer time to review order but after that, they delivery fast. I am very satisfy with their service and I have try several times. That is why. I recommend tanaka to you.

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It may be a non-US company because there is no address and contacts on official website.

Customers Reviews


A great diffuser. It’s stats say it can run 8-10 hours and can cover up to 250 square feet!It has a wide base making it hard for a child or animal tip over. It only has a continuous option. The tip has a nice glowing light that can either be off of rotate through different colors. It is super quiet and very easy to use!

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