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For anyone who enjoys the concept of weight losing and working out at the same time, having a piece of Yoga DVD is something that happens to be extremely necessary.

Yoga has been known to work wonders with the three pillars of life; body and mind and spirit. It is a loved exercise routine due to its ability to reduce stress, tone muscles, improve flexibility and overall health. The perfect way to exercise yoga is by getting a yoga DVD done by experts that have had good results using these routines. If you are looking for the best yoga DVDs, here are the Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs in 2017 Reviews.

Best Yoga DVDs 2017: Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

51ywbZrVNFL-208x300 Best Yoga DVD 2017 - Buyer's GuideJillian Michaels is an American personal trainer, businesswoman, author and television personality from Los Angeles, California. Michaels is best known for her appearances on NBC, particularly The Biggest Loser.

1.Yoga for 100% complete beginners: For all shapes and sizes

51ywbZrVNFL-208x300 Best Yoga DVD 2017 - Buyer's GuideThis Yoga program is ranked the best yoga DVD in 2017.Yoga for 100% complete beginners is unique in that it is designed in a manner everyone can understand, especially beginners. This DVD took 5 years to be developed. It is based on feedbacks from many students.

Yoga 100% complete beginners can be used by everyone, regardless of their shapes, sizes or their flexibility ability. Here are a few reasons why this yoga DVD stands out from most yoga DVDS:

  • ï It is designed for those with zero experience on yoga.
  • ï Each yoga class is clearly explained. There are step by step guidelines.
  • ï A person can easily understand different aspects of yoga. This ranges from yoga’s basic postures, alignment and breathing aspects among others
  • ï It features real students who have never attended any yoga session


Here are the features contained in our six 30 minute home practices:

ï Introduction to yoga basic poses and yogic breathing techniques-A person will learn how to breathe while conducting yoga and how it works.

ï Hip openers and seated poses-These poses are designed in a way beginners can easily perform.

ï The dynamic flow-This DVD helps a person start strong in various aspects of yoga. This ranges from standing and flowing through Surya Namaskar.

ï Standing balances and twists skills-This session will teach you how to warm up your spine through easy and simple twists.

ï Standing poses and Surya Namaskar-You will be able to connect with both the warm up session and your breathing.

ï Core work, backbends and shoulder opening-This session allows you to stretch various parts of your body. These techniques are well explained in that everyone can understand what is being relayed. This is one of the reasons Yoga for 100% complete beginners is rated the best yoga DVD in 2017.

2. Morning Yoga ritual: Yoga/journaling/meditation 

51ywbZrVNFL-208x300 Best Yoga DVD 2017 - Buyer's GuidePeople are constantly looking for ultimate self-care yoga DVDs to help them perform yoga from the comfort of their houses. Morning Yoga ritual has made the cut and been ranked  the best Yoga DVD in 2017.This yoga DVD is self explanatory in that a person doesn’t need n instructor to perform yoga.

This Yoga DVD is very simple in that it comprises six transformative journaling prompts, yoga routines and meditations. They have all been proven effective.Infact; they have been inspired by the chakras. Each session comprises various yoga poses, which are easy to understand as information is clearly relayed.

Morning yoga ritual stands out from other yoga DVDs in that each session ends with a powerful meditation. Amazing, isn’t it? Here is a list of what this DVD can do to you:

ï It can eliminate your negative mood and replace it with a positive one

ï Help you understand various yoga stretches and meditation

ï It will strengthen you, both mentally and physically

The author of this yoga program is the founder of uplifted yoga. This is an online community that helps students personalize their yoga practices and use them to uplift their lives. Brett’s yoga session is suitable for people from different levels. This is one reason morning yoga ritual has been ranked the best yoga DVD in 2017.

The morning yoga ritual is designed in a way any level student can follow and understand the program. The author of this yoga program has released other DVD programs. This is a clear indication she understands what she is doing. That’s not all; she has also instructed top studios and companies among others. This is one reason you should grab your DVD today.

3. Barlates body blitz yoga wheel Pilates series 

51ywbZrVNFL-208x300 Best Yoga DVD 2017 - Buyer's GuideAre you one of those people who are lost for choice when it comes to selecting a perfect yoga DVD? Well, look no further. Yoga wheel Pilates is here. It has been ranked the best yoga DVD in 2017.This Yoga program focuses on strengthening and lengthening a person’s muscles. I the long run, you will have longer and leaner physique.


The Yoga Wheel Pilates DVD is divided into four main parts, namely:

ï Yoga wheel Abs-This session comprises of an intense workout structured to work your entire abs from different angles.

ï Yoga Wheel upper-This is a tricky upper body workout that focuses on creating resistance for isometric contractions. It uses the wheel to perfume the above task.

ï Yoga outer thighs and Yoga wheel Glutes-This session requires a mat. This is a series of mat workouts that uses the wheel not only as resistance, but to deepen contractions. You will be able to perform various workouts ranging from outer thigh raises, the pretzel and table top glutes among others.

ï Yoga wheel inner thighs-As the name suggests, this workout focuses on the inner thighs. This workout routine aims at getting deep into the inner thighs muscles. The workouts in this session are easy to understand. They are also effective.

The Yoga wheel Pilates DVD deserves to be ranked the best yoga DVD in 2017 for various reasons.First; the author of this DVD has worked in the fitness and diet industry for a long period. That’s not all; she has created over 300 workout videos that work. This is based on various testimonials. It is Linda’s desire to help people sculpt and develop a strong and healthy body. The Pilate yoga DVD is a combination of toning exercises and traditional cardio.

4. Chair Yoga with Katherine Johnson

This yoga DVD yoga program sounds funny as it uses a chair. Many people are surprised to hear it has been ranked the best yoga DVD in 2017.The chair yoga program was designed by Katherine Johnson. This is a 60 minute self-care yoga program.

This DVD is unique in that it will achieve the strengthening and stabilizing benefits of this session. Here are a few things you need to understand about the Chair Yoga DVD with Katherine Johnson:

ï It comprises only sitting and standing poses which have proven effective.

ï The 60 minutes workout session focuses on not only working all your joints, but concludes with a meditation session.

ï This DVD can help you erase a negative mood and install that feeling of relaxation.

The chair yoga session is one of the few yoga DVDS that have received high review ratings from their users. The high review ratings have influenced this DVD being ranked the best Yoga DVD in 2017.

Most people love this yoga DVD because Katherine explains to people on how to listen to their inner bodies. She also warns people against performing poses and movements that can cause them pain or even injury.

The chair yoga DVD is one of the few DVDs that has well explained and excellent instructions. Anyone can understand what is being relayed without the need of an instructor. This is one of the few Yoga sessions that are suitable for people of various ages, including the elderly. That’s not all; the video is top notch. Apart from the chair Yoga with Katherine Johnson being affordable, she exhibits she is an excellent yoga teacher. Her gentle and calm nature makes a person want to engage more in this yoga session. It is definitely a program worth checking out.

5. Good night Yoga: Pose by pose bedtime story 

The good night yoga DVD deserves to be rated the best yoga DVD in 2017, despite its costly price compared to other Yoga DVD sessions. This is one of the few yoga DVD sessions that are performed before bedtime.

Good night yoga is suitable for anyone looking for a fun and effective yoga routine that has proven effectives. This yoga program perfectly suits with busy schedule ranging from caregivers to parents among others.

Here are a few things you need to understand about Good night yoga:

ï The author of this program Mariam Gates has a lot of experience when it comes to yoga.

ï This is a not only a fun program, but a complete practical book to help people prepare for sleep.

ï It not only talks about Yoga postures, but uses full color book to talk about the natural world.

ï Children can learn yoga postures, which are inspired by some favorite characters from nature.

Good night yoga deserves to be the best yoga DVD in 2017 as it contains simple practical techniques. The above yoga program will equip a person with techniques that will enable him/her relax his/her body and mind before sleeping. It also gives step by step procedure on how to self soothe yourself before going to sleep.

That’s not all; the Good night yoga DVD talks about how to focus attention on a certain factor. Attention plays a vital role in determining how a person will sleep. You will also learn other helpful skills that will facilitate you having a peaceful sleep. Good sleep has been proven to improve a person’s overall confidence and promote the well being of a person. Based on the above information, there is no doubt; this DVD is worth checking out.

6. The solar energize and inspire yoga with Tara Lee

There is no doubt the solar energize and inspire yoga DVD is the best yoga DVD in 2017.Tara Lee; the author of this yoga session uses the three elements of yoga series. This ranges from air, water and fire. Tara Lee helps students understand the connection with the sun’s properties in relation to giving you enthusiasm, inspiration and energy. Tara Lee aims to help people balance the solar channels in the body. The solar energize and inspire yoga DVD aims to help people achieve the vibrant nature of a person’s true self.

This is the best yoga DVD in 2017 as it helps people warm, invigorate and uplift your some spirits. This program uses the para Yoga tradition.


Here are some features this yoga program comprises of:

ï Solar body-This session explains how sun is used to build strength and heat the body. You will be shown how to connect with your inner sun. This session consists of 25 minutes. This session aims at making a person feel empowered, vibrant and full of life.

ï Solar meditation-Solar meditation helps a person become aware of the life force. This session is meant to be used by a person whenever he/she needs to feel empowered, expansive and more vibrant. It makes a person feel brand new.

ï Solar energize and solar inspire-This two part segment aims at keeping your mental state both alert and clear. Solar inspire and solar energize combined with some yoga breathing techniques will help a person feel more present and balanced.

The above Yoga DVD program is unique in that it has been proven effective. Tara Lee is uniquely designed that anyone can understand what is being relayed on the Yoga DVD.

7. Lunar: Rebalance and recharge Yoga with Tara Lee

Tara Lee is a well known yoga expert who has designed a couple of DVD yoga programs. The rebalance and recharge yoga DVD has been ranked the best yoga DVD in 2017 for various reasons. Tara Lee focuses this DVD yoga program on the soothing properties of the moon. The rebalance and recharge yoga program aims at helping people feel relaxed, centered and calm.

Here are a few things you need to understand about rebalance and recharge Yoga; the best yoga DVD in 2017:

ï The routines in this yoga DVD program, helps to balance the lunar energy and encourage you to be more introspective and intuitive.

ï The three lunar sequences help people balance their nervous system, make a person relax and play a vital role in relieving stress.

The rebalance and recharge yoga with Tara Lee consists of the following features:

ï Lunar meditation and Yoga Nidra-This session is all about restorative relaxation. It highlights how relaxation can be used in reducing exhaustion and stress. Lunar meditation and Yoga Nidra will help a person be able to scan his/her different parts of the body and be able to recharge.

ï Lunar body –This section of the yoga DVD program enables a person to connect with various qualities of the moon. Some elements of the moon can be used to strengthen the body and realizing some negative tensions. This ranges from stress among others.

ï Lunar rebalance and lunar recharge-These two segments of rebalance and recharge Yoga DVD program aim at slowing down the mind to hand in hand with a person’s breathe. The postures in this segment help release any form of anxiety while clearing the mind.

This Yoga DVD program aims at making a person feel renewed and relaxed.

8. Yoga Total Body Sculpt DVD program 

We are not shocked that Yoga total body Sculpt has been ranked the best yoga DVD in 2017.This is because the designer of this DVD yoga program is a Youtube award winner. Yoga total body Sculpt comprises of six powerful Yoga routines. These routines aim at uplifting your spirit, body and mind.

Brett Larkin, the designer of this yoga DVD program blends both fitness and mindfulness in the workout routines. This includes all sessions ranging from Pilates, Yoga and baree fusion. Yoga total body Sculpt DVD program deserves to be rated the best yoga DVD program in 2017 as it aims to help people unleash various strengths as they find their serenity.


Here are the features included in the Yoga total body Sculpt:

ï Yoga Sculpt-seat

ï Yoga Sculpt-thighs

ï Yoga Sculpt-core

ï Yoga sculpt –Legs

ï Yoga Sculpt-Arms

The yoga Sculpt seat is the bonus feature included in this Yoga DVD program. Each workout routine takes roughly 30 minutes. This is one of the simplest DVD Yoga program to implement in that a person only requires a mat and a chair.

This program is worth checking out for various reasons. First, the author of this program has a rich history in Yoga. She is the founder of uplifted Yoga. Her online Yoga focuses on both yoga and meditation. Her dream is to equip students with skills to help them identify their full life potential. That’s not all; Brett has held instructor’s sessions on various retreats globally. She has also instructed top Companies and studios ranging from pinterest and Google among others.

Brett has designed a couple of Yoga programs. Most of these programs, including this one, have attained high review ratings from various users. There is no doubt Yoga total body Sculpt DVD program is worth checking out.

9. Yoga For everyone-beginners Yoga series 

Most people have been anticipating Yoga for everyone DVD series. This is because it won an award for being the best Yoga DVD in 2017.Nadia Narain created this Yoga program to help people restore balance in their lives.

Some people have it rough as they carry on their day to day activities. Some experience stress, emotions that have been stored in the body and emotions. This Yoga program aims at helping such people live lead a more calm and relaxing life.

This program has been rated the best yoga DVD program as it keeps on helping people on a daily basis keep a healthy, happy and balanced life. The routines used here are proven to be effective. There are many reviews praising this program for changing their lives.

Here are some features included in this award winning Yoga program:

ï Strength and stability-This segment was created by Nadia Narain to make a person feel strong, balanced and stable. The modern life affects a person’s posture. This segment aims to add or build strength in your body and correct various alignment postures.

ï Beginners mindful stretching and meditation-This section consist of simple, easy to understand workouts and meditative practices. They are short to the point they can be implemented on a daily basis.

ï Chair Yoga-Chair yoga was designed for those wishing to find workout techniques that go deeper in the body. Chair yoga also provides extra support to those seeking assistance as they execute or practice Yoga. The movements in this segment are used to increase the wellbeing and health of a person. Chair Yoga can comfortably suit those wishing to change their routines.

There is no doubt this is a perfect Yoga DVD program that deserves an award.

10. Chakra Morning Yoga

When it comes to naming the best Yoga DVDs programs, Chakra morning Yoga cannot miss in the list. It has been voted the best Yoga DVD in 2017.This can be proven by the reviews this Yoga program is receiving on a daily basis.

This Yoga program has garnered a lot of popularity for various reasons. Here are some of these reasons:

ï It includes 7 home practices that are easy to use that everyone can understand, including the beginners.

ï This program consists of various chakra meditations which serve various functions.

ï Some bonus content.

The author of this Yoga DVD has a lot of experience and expertise in Yoga. Brett’s seven chakras systems are designed in a way they accelerate a person’s personal growth. This is one reason chakra morning Yoga has been rated the best Yoga DVD in 2017.

This yoga program has been mostly designed through the use of ancient yoga practice. This is one of the reasons this yoga program is able to help people feel happier, personal growth and whole.

Brett’s has a lot of influence in social media when it comes to yoga. She educates over 100k followers on social media. That’s not all; people streamline her Yoga contents on a daily basis on Youtube.

Chakra morning Yoga is worth checking out, despite being affordable. The features and details found in this yoga DVD program are quite detailed. This program has helped many people change dump their negative lives and adapt a new life. The workout techniques highlighted in Chakra morning Yoga are easy to implements. It also warns people against performing some workout techniques that might cause fatigue or injuries in the long run. Brett explains to people how these procedures are supposed to be handled.

There is no doubt this is the best DVD yoga program in 2017.

The History of Yoga

Yoga is originated in India, dating back more than five thousand years of history and culture is known as the “world treasures.” When the ancient Yoga practitioners Practises, they found variety of animals and plants born with the treatment, relaxation, sleep, or keep a sober method, Any treatment and natural recovery. Then they create a series of beneficial physical and mental exercise system according to the animal’s posture.

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