While pets definitely do make a real good companion, when you have cats or dogs for pets, you also have to deal with a lot of cleaning up, especially of the hair that falls around your home. Pet hair can not only be a tough one to clean but leaving them unattended can also cause severe allergic reactions on some.

Even if you are not allergic, imagine your carpet and your furniture often coated with hair from your pets. Definitely not a sight worth looking at, is it? So you need a solution, better than what is offered by steam mops to get rid of the pet hair around your place. The answer is a vacuum to clean pet hair efficiently. However, you would see that there are quite a few products to choose from and each presents itself with unique features of its own.

I have talked about 10 best vacuum cleaners previous. But today we talk about vacuum for pet hair.Here is a review of top ten best vacuums for pet hair removal to help you decide on the best way to get rid of the pet hair problem at home.

1.Panasonic MC-UG581 Pet Edition

Panasonic-Upright-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2017 - Buyer's GuideWhether you have a dog or a cat or any other furry pet, you can alleviate your fears on cleaning up their hair, when you have the best vacuum for pet hair on hand. The pet edition from Panasonic, the MC-UG581 definitely equips you with all that you need to clean up after your furry friends. You don’t have to restrict your pets to a hardwood surface for this vacuum cleaner provides you effective and efficient cleaning over carpets and any kind of surface. The Panasonic Upright vacuum cleaner comes with many salient features which makes it the ultimate choice for anyone who owns a pet at home.

Features of MC-UG581

The roller brush in the agitator is made of wood in this model which ensures a longer life time compared to other similar vacuum models where the roller brush is constructed in plastic. Also, the wooden make ensures that the brush can handle any amount of work and it can withstand heat unlike the plastic ones.

The MC-UG581 comes with multiple attachments that help you to choose when cleaning after your furry friends. So whether you have a feline or you want to clean up after even human hair, you can do so with the different attachments. And the vacuum is designed to work on any surface including hardwood and carpets.

The handle is made of metal and so is the stress points to provide a sturdy build to the body and ensures that the product doesn’t break with longer use. In fact, some of these metal Panasonic ones are known to exist for more than a decade.

The Panasonic MC-UG581 is lighter in weight and is easy to carry around. While it is lighter in weight, one cannot underestimate the power that is provided by the metal motor in this product.

The motor is designed so as to ensure that the dirt doesn’t filter into the motor and ensures that the suction is at the best without damaging the motor.

There is a 12 foot hose, which is crush proof along with tools to reach the crevices and to clean the upholstery, floor, etc. The crevice tool is extendable and flexible and with the dust brush and other attachments, you also get 2 packs of belts additionally.


  • Sturdy build ensuring a longer lifetime.
  • Wooden brush for an effective and long term use.
  • Easy to carry around for the product is lighter in weight.
  •  Motor is made of metal and is quite powerful with a dirt filter to keep it running.
  • Attachments for handling different surfaces.


For a top rated vacuum cleaner, the MC-UG581 doesn’t have any notable drawbacks to mention. It is a complete package of all things you would want from a vacuum cleaner.

The Panasonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner MC-UG581 Pet Edition is your ideal accompaniment at both homes and offices when you have furry companions.

2.Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum 33A1

Panasonic-Upright-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2017 - Buyer's GuidePets are quite adorable and especially the furry ones like dogs are just the kind of companion one wants to have on a lonely day. But when you have furry pets, you are bound to be ready to deal with their pet hair all over your place, on sofas and carpets and other upholstery. In order to remove the pet hair from every possible nook and corner, you need a flexible vacuum cleaner like the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser handheld vacuum 33A1. The product comes with a flexible nozzle made of rubber in the end, which can adjust automatically to the shape of the surface, be it the sofa or your staircase and clean effectively.

Features of Bissell 33A1

The design of this pet hair vacuum is a boon to those who love their furry companions everywhere.

There are two ribbed nozzle attachments that one can use – a rubber one to clean softer surfaces of fur or hair like sofas, upholstery, beds, etc. and a harder one to clean debris from hardwood flooring, etc.

There is no requirement to have any bags for collecting dirt as it uses an innovative cyclonic system to remove the dirt.

The rubber nozzle is quite flexible and can easily follow the contours and curves of your upholstery ensuring effective removal of pet hair.

Very lighter in weight, this is easy to carry around wherever you want to and comes with a 16-foot power cord.

Has a combination of HEPA and mesh filter.


  •  Lighter in weight and can be carried around across multiple furniture without straining your arms.
  • The nozzle in rubber adapts easily to the shape of your furniture or even toys removing those stubborn pet hair from them efficiently.
  • The handle is designed to provide the user with utmost comfort.
  • The suction power is quite strong with a weight of 5 pounds.
  • Two type of nozzles to use on both hard and soft surfaces.
  • Reasonably priced for a vacuum cleaner for pet hair.


  • The power cord is not lengthy enough when you have a long flight of stairs to clean. You may have to unplug quite a few times to move around.
  • The air vents on the sides may blowout the dirt while you clean.
  • The hard surface is not as effective as the soft surface cleaning.
  • Requires constant replacement of the HEPA filter and the dirt container has to be emptied periodically too.
  • The most difficult area to clean when you have pets is the sofas and other upholstery which is now made easy with the Bissell 33A1 corded pet hair eraser. If you are looking to use on hardwood surfaces then this is definitely not the best solution but for softer surfaces like sofas and chairs, this is definitely one of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair.

3.Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum

Panasonic-Upright-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2017 - Buyer's GuideBe it your dog’s shedding season, or you find cat hairs in all the least imaginable places, you can now rest peacefully for the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser can help you remove them effectively and efficiently.  Whatever be the kind of pet, whether it is a small fur bundle of a squirrel or a monkey or a simple Chihuahua, you can be rest assured that the Bissell 1650A comes with all the necessary attachments required to make cleaning a simple and easy task. An upright vacuum cleaner for pet hair, the Bissell 1650A comes with quite a few specifications designed to appeal to pet owners.

Features of Bissell 1650A

From multiple additional tools to a powerful well-designed brush roll, Bissell has not left any stone unturned in providing you the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair.

A revolutionary design, the model is fit for cleaning after any of your pets and comes with decent suction unit enough to remove all the stuck up hair and other smaller particles in your house.

The design of the brush roll works in tandem with the suction power to provide you a better removal of dirt at every stroke.

The nozzle’s height can be adjusted to vacuum all kind of floors, tiles, marbles, upholstery and more.

There is an indicator switch to let you know whenever there is a larger particle stuck to the brush roll that cannot be sucked in by the unit. This helps you to inspect and remove it by yourself.

The efficient motor works at 8.5amps and it comes with a 30 ft long power cord.

There is no need to buy bags to collect the dirt as it uses the cyclonic spooling system for collecting the dirt and hair.

Specially equipped with a filter that is Febreze scented to give you an easy and scented clean.


  • There are five levels of height adjustments to match the different floor or surfaces that you want to clean.
  • There are filters pre-motor and post motor with the former having a Febreze scented felt layer to leave a soft pleasing odor.
  • Easily detachable bin that can be removed and cleaned separately.
  •  No worries on larger particles getting stuck to the brush with the light indicator.


  • The 30 ft cord while easy for reaching high up the places can prove quite distracting as it is not retractable.
  • It doesn’t use the HEPA filter
  • And the suction is lower when compared to other filters in the market.

The Bissell 1650A may not top the list for the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair but it is definitely worth considering for it has many interesting features and very little easily negligible drawbacks. There have been mixed reviews on its efficiency as well.

4.Bissell Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum

Panasonic-Upright-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2017 - Buyer's GuideAre you looking for a vacuum cleaner that works relatively inexpensive, well within your budget and yet delivers high-quality performance? Well, you are in luck for the Bissell Pet Bag less Upright Vacuum comes with all the high quality features that one looks for in the best vacuum for dog hair or any pet hair for that matter. The lint brush is a unique feature of this product and that is not all to surprise you. There are quite a few other benefits and features that you will find in this integrated pet hair lifter designed to alleviate the cleaning woes of pet owners to a large extent.


Be it on the rugs or the carpets or the upholstery, you can now remove the pet hair from any place without having to work too hard. The Bissell Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes with features that strive to exceed the expectations of any pet owner.

The vacuum cleaner is not just designed for removing pet hair but its main feature is to clean the house while also performing a pet hair removal in the process.

The turbo eraser fitted into the unit ensures that the pet hair is removed even from those places that are harder to reach with other vacuum cleaners.

The cyclonic cleaning employed in the unit ensures a better and an efficient cleaning ensuring a powerful and exception suction power while on.

There are no surfaces that you cannot clean with this vacuum cleaner for pet hair, as it works equally well on both hardwood flooring and soft sofas.

The design is made lighter and is easy to carry around as you clean around the house and is also easy to maneuver.


  • It is an integrated system of regular cleaner and a pet hair remover, a two in one unit.
  • There is no real assembly required and the entire unit is easy to carry around.
  • The swiveling head makes it easy to move around in hard to reach places and the cord can be winded up according to the height required
  • Easy to clean and has a powerful suction to clean even the most stuck up particles.
  • There is no need to spend any more money on bags for the unit is bagless.
  • With a smaller head in the end, it is easy to fit the cleaner into any crevice, nook and corner.


There aren’t any notable drawbacks or customer complaints that one can find about this product.

In simple words, this vacuum cleaner for pet hair gives you the best value for your money. And given that it acts as a regular vacuum cleaner, it is definitely a plus to own this unit for those who don’t want to spend on two separate machines for cleaning.

5.Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vac (SV780)

Panasonic-Upright-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2017 - Buyer's GuideCleaning your house may not look so daunting but if you have a pet, especially one that has lot of fur, then you may want to look for suitable equipment that can effectively remove the stray hairs and furs from the most unusual places. The most difficult of the cleaning is when you have to look for the dirt in the stairs, and in the upholstery but Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vac makes the task look less daunting. One may not find too many hand vacuum cleaners for pet hairs that comes with a motorized brush and SV780 is definitely an exception.


The SV780 comes with a battery powered unit that can last long when charged fully.

As per the claims from the manufacturer, the suction power of this hand held vacuum cleaner is better than others by nearly 35%.

The motorized brush is an added advantage as you can now remove the pet hair from any surface anywhere.

The filter is easily detachable and washable and the unit is completely bagless saving you the cost on buying dirt bags.

The unit can be easily charged with the charging stand accompanied by the product and the stand can be mounted on the wall to reduce the space requirement.

Comes with attachments to reach into the crevices, and brush for effective cleaning.


  • The brush, motorized in design ensures that the pet hair is removed efficiently.
  • Comes with good power for suction and is quite easy to use.
  • The batteries can be removed and replaced if required with ease.
  • More versatile compared to other handheld vacuum cleaners for it comes with additional tools for crevices and a brush for dusting surfaces.


  • It takes nearly 16 hours to completely charge up.
  • Slightly heavier when you have to carry around.
  • Struggles with larger debris and there is no indicator to let you know.
  • No swiveling or rotating brush and can be quite a workout for the wrist.
  • No locking mechanism for attachments.

While this product is a great addition to any pet owner for removing pet hairs from stairs or upholstery it cannot replace your stick vacuum cleaners. It can be used effectively when you want to spot clean. It does live up to the promises it has made and nothing more.

6.Neato Botvac D5 Connected Navigating Robot Vacuum – Pet & Allergy

Panasonic-Upright-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2017 - Buyer's GuideHave you ever wanted the cleaning to be done with a click of a button? That is exactly what Neato Botvac D5 connected Navigating Robot vacuum is all about. The Neato Botvac D5 can be easily categorized into the next gen vacuum cleaners for pet hair and it definitely makes cleaning the easiest and simplest task in the house. With Neato, you don’t even have to be in the same place for operating it as you can preset the schedule and ensure that the work is done even in your absence diligently. The lasersmart technology used in the design of this vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning all type of floors.


The unit is designed with a flat side so that it can easily get closer to the walls which circular vacuums have been unsuccessful in reaching so far.

The Cornerclever technology which makes the corners also extremely well cleaned with the use of side brushes covers the most important aspect of cleaning as well.

The technology employed is lasersmart, which maps out the most efficient way to clean any room in your house without missing even a spot and it does the same in much lesser time.

You don’t have to worry about the machine hitting any obstacles in the path as the laser technology clearly gets the mapping done efficiently.

It works on a rechargeable battery that can easily clean up to 4500 square feet at one stretch. In fact you don’t have to plug in for charging as the system is designed to plug itself in and charge whenever the battery is running low.

The use of combo brush ensures that there is no pet hair left on the surface while it cleans your home and there is also the spiral blade brush for a much effective clean.

You can use the boundary marker to keep it away from certain areas if you wish to do so and it can easily navigate across rooms with ease.

You can use the Botvac D5 through a smart watch (Android or Apple) or through an app on your mobile phone.


  • Smarter navigation system to clean the house without any manual interference.
  • The unit returns to the base when required for charging or if you ask to do so through your mobile. So there is no worry of missing your unit anywhere in the house.
  • Larger area for cleaning and can easily navigates around any room and any furniture.
  • Can be controlled through smart watch or your smart phone.
  •  It automatically adjusts its height to fit under the chairs and tables if required.


One cannot find too many downsides to this excellent vacuum for pet hair or any other cleaner. It is automatically guided by the laser smart technology and it works well in dark and light and it works well in a uniform pattern. Of course, if you are looking to drive the robot manually, you might find it lacking in that prospect but you can always program it to clean the areas that you want more than once if required.

7.Royal Appliance M0105 Dirt Devil Purpose For Pets Hand Vac

Panasonic-Upright-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2017 - Buyer's GuideRightly named as Dirt Devil for it works like a devil when it comes to removing dirt, the Royal Appliance M0105 is one of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair that can be held on hand. The M0105 works fast in removing all kind of dirt including the most stubborn of the pet hairs from your rugs and carpets without exerting any kind of pressure on your arms. Whether you want to clean stairs or upholstery or simply floors, you can do that with ease with the Royal Appliance M0105 vacuum cleaner for pet hair.


With a limited two-year warranty, the M0105 from Royal Appliance definitely does makes cleaning after your pets an easily manageable task. Some of its salient features include,

Better lift of pet hair and other micro particles with the motorized brush powered by a 7 amp motor.

Can work to clean even litters and food spill apart from picking up the stubborn pet hairs.

Comes with additional tools for cleaning crevices, dusting brush and a wand for an extension. There is also a special brush provided for removing pet hairs from upholstery and there is a flexible hose of 24 inches with the unit.

The filtration is HEPA that helps to filter out nearly 99.9% of the dirt and allergens.

There is no need for bags as the dirt gets collected to the cup which can then be easily emptied onto the trash can and cleaned with ease.

The handle is designed to provide you with a comfortable hold while cleaning.


  • The standard brush and the crevice tool make it an apt accompaniment for removing pet hair from any surface including the tight spots and the nooks.
  •  The HEPA filtration removes any possible allergens and keeps your house completely clean and safe.
  • Removing the dirt from the dirt cup is literally just a push of the button away.
  • Doesn’t occupy much space if you place it right in your house.
  • Quite reasonably priced when compared to other similar units.
  • You can use this anywhere within the house without much hassle.


  •  In order for the suction to work properly, you need to hold it at a particular angle, lest you may have to content with mediocre suction power.
  • It makes quite a lot of noise when in use.
  • You may have to remove larger particles separately as it will get stuck in the brush.

As far as the customer reviews go, it definitely seems to be on the positive side for this vacuum cleaner. It certainly doesn’t disappoint you if your objective is to only get the pet hairs removed from your furniture and floors.

8.EVERTOP Portable Lightweight Cordless Car Pet Hair Cleaner

Panasonic-Upright-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2017 - Buyer's GuideA mini cleaner just fit to clean in smaller spaces and the easy portability of the hand held device makes it easy to clean the insides of your cars, once you have taken your pet for a ride. And with no noise surrounding you while you clean, you can enjoy your environment without worrying about disturbing anyone with the noise. The design is ergonomic with the switch placed inside the handle so that you don’t have to exert pressure on your thumb to reach the same and is easy to bring it on. The unit is designed to clean across multiple surfaces.


Designed in the soothing colors of blue and white, this handheld vacuum cleaner for pet hair does bring with its many features that serve well for all pet owners. Listing down a few,

The unit comes with powerful suction that can easily remove all particles from paper scraps to smaller grains and is a great unit for those who take their pets in the cars.

There are two suction nozzles to toggle around with and you can alternate between them according to the kind of dust or gap that you want to clean.

The handle is ergonomically designed to provide you a better grip and the button inside the handle rather than near the thumb paves way for a better control on the machine.

You can easily charge the unit through your car charger or a simple USB charger or even through adapters as you may wish to.

There are also batteries accompanying the unit which can be easily recharged to make the unit running

The dirt cup can be easily flipped open for emptying into your trash can.


Most of the features of this unit definitely make it an advantageous proposition in terms of vacuum cleaner for pet hair. A few prominent benefits include,

  • Cordless and light weight making it easy to move around your house or your car.
  • Can be charged anywhere even in your car making it a portable cleaning apparatus.
  • Easy control with the inside switch.
  • Can reach into the narrowest gaps with the narrow nozzle.
  • Can easily fit into any space and can be stored in any area.


There aren’t any huge drawbacks or downsides that one can list about this vacuum cleaner. Most of the customers have left a raving review on this product and there hasn’t been any significant negative claim about the same.

You can easily remove all the dust particles and the easy to recharge batteries make it easy to carry it around. It can easily fit into any place and easy to use anywhere as well.

9.Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum

Panasonic-Upright-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2017 - Buyer's GuideThe Bissell brings their new innovation to the market for those who are worried about pet hair cleaning. The cordless vacuum cleaner by Bissell is handy and mighty enough to clean the pet’s dirt and hair from anywhere in the household. It helps to clean carpet, rugs, furniture’s, upholstery, wooden floors and staircase wall. It comes with exclusive two attachments for the various daily needs. It is unique among other brands available in the market due to its cordless feature and its motorized platform makes it sturdier which helps to clean embedded dirt or hair from various places in the house.


Bissell pet hair eraser vacuum cleaner is cordless which gives you the convenience to carry it anywhere in the house.

The product is versatile and could be used for household cleaning and even for car cleaning such as car seats and mats.

The motorized brush of the product enables powerful suction of the dirt, litter and pet hair.

The crevice tool is the attachment provided with the vacuum cleaner which assists in cleaning tough areas of the household like below the cabinet or bed etc.

The upholstery tool is the second attachment which helps in cleaning soft surfaces of furniture or bedding area.

Dual-stage filtration system enables smooth functioning of the vacuum cleaner by preventing clogging and provides extra life to the filter.

The accumulated pet hair, dirt can be easily cleaned by detaching easy- to-empty dirt bin.

The detachable brush and attachments of the vacuum cleaner help to capture embedded dirt and pet hair or fur.

  • The product is lightweight approximately 3 pounds.
  • The battery gets recharged within 5 hours.
  • The product is handy and convenient to keep anywhere in the house.
  • Changing vacuum cleaner attachments is easy and quick.


  • It is recommended for cleaning microfiber couch, quilts, and pillows.
  • Its mighty suction capacity cleans pet hair and dirt from dog beds, sofas and intricate areas of tile or wood flooring.
  • The product helps to clean the dirt and hair from the sliding door compartments.
  •  The canister which accumulates dirt and hair is easy to clean by detaching it from the unit.
  • The dual-filtration system helps to prevent clogging of dust and hair and makes it an enduring product.
  • Need not to be restricted to one particular area, its cordless feature is an added advantage to carry the lightweight product anywhere in the house with ease.


  • Require a bigger size canister.
  • Battery doesn’t last for long and needs to be recharged again which needs minimum 5 hours.
  • Battery charging should be done with caution as overnight charging can minimize the charging capacity.

Overall a good product worth the money you spend on it.

10.Best Vacuum Cleaner Bissel Upright Powerforce Pet Hair Bagless Allergy

Panasonic-Upright-Vacuum-Cleaner-300x300 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair 2017 - Buyer's GuideBissel has introduced a small and mighty vacuum cleaner for all your pets’ fur and hair cleaning needs. You no longer have to worry about cleaning your upholstery, carpets, curtains, stair walls and floors. It easily collects dirt and pet hair and ensures immaculate and quick cleaning of the house without any hassle. The Bissel’s versatile vacuum cleaner has no dust bag rather it comes with visible dust collecting canister which helps to determine the performance of your vacuum cleaner.


The product is value for the price as it performs all the pets, hair and fur cleaning task without much maneuverability.

It is a light weight product which weighs not more than 9 pounds. It can be handled easily without much effort.

It has an amazing suction power and bag less feature adds advantage to the product.

It does not clog and can even pick micro dirt along with pet’s hair and litter.

It can be easily used on tiles and hardwood.

The brushing and vacuuming never stop, it is effective on laminations too.

The canister could be easily detached with a push of a button and the accumulated dust can be conveniently disposed into the trash without much effort.

Maintenance is quick and simple with the empty dust tank in the bottom (which is detachable from the unit) and washable filters could be cleaned easily.

Easy to assemble as there are not many attachments. Its upright structure makes the product handy and convenient to carry.

The push and pull-back feature of the product helps the user to handle the product with ease. No more backaches or hardship to pull the machine.

The transparent canister helps to ascertain when to empty the accumulated dust.


  • The product is a perfect buy for small household maintenance.
  • Among the portable vacuum cleaners available in the market, Bissel upright vacuum cleaner is trendy and sturdy and best vacuum for pet hair.
  • Its compact size makes it easier to store anywhere.
  • It has a strong suction power and extendable extension rod helps to reach difficult areas with ease.
  • It does not require any special skill, anyone of any age can handle the product with convenience and ease.


  • The product has a louder sound which might disturb people around.
  • The cord could have been little longer.
  • It is not ideal for a household with larger maintenance area.
  • The quality of the product is fragile so should be handled with care.


What we saw above were some of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal and they do come with their own pros and cons. The guide is to give you a view on each of the products and deciding on the one which will make the best buy is dependent on your requirements. The basic things to look out for in such pet hair removal cleaners will be to check for its reach, durability and of course your budget.


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