Yamibest is the No.1 Blog concentrates on Home & Garden & Kitchen for years. I have ever reviewed the Top 10 best humidifier 2017 previous after testing more than 30 kinds of hot sale humidifiers. Someone asks when could I create a top 10 list of Humidifiers for Baby.  I thinks I should do it and do it well.

In fact, it is a hard job compared with the list of best humidifier only. because I have to concentrates on the features which is good for baby and what is harmful for baby.

In the Time of the fall and winter come along, a whole new set of problems roll in: coughing, dry and sore throats, colds, croup stridor, and stuffy noses. Not only adult suffers from them but also baby. The nighttime is when your baby’s immune system will get a chance to fight viruses and clear up symptoms. This is the perfect time to fill up and turn on a powerful and safe humidifier to add some moisture back into the air, soothe dry throats and coughs, and help your baby fight viruses. So How should we Find the best Humidifiers for baby in 2017?

Best Humidifiers For Baby 2017

ItemCapacityRun TimeSuitable AreaFeatures 
Ultrasonic XL1 Gallon24 hours500 square feetLONG-LASTING RELIEF,SINGLE & DUAL-MIST NOZZLEScheckprice 8 Best Humidifiers for Baby 2017 - Buyer's Guide
Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier1.3L7 hours-3x Scented Sachets + 3x Extra Filters + 2x e-Books + 1x e-Course for FREE!checkprice 8 Best Humidifiers for Baby 2017 - Buyer's Guide
Crane Cartoon Humidifier1 Gallon24 Hours250 square feetAuto shut off, whisper quietcheckprice 8 Best Humidifiers for Baby 2017 - Buyer's Guide

1.Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier XL

checkprice 8 Best Humidifiers for Baby 2017 - Buyer's GuideIt is a 1 gallon tank capacity Cool Mist Humidifier. You can Adjusts mist output to fit your comfort level with 2 included nozzles. Also you can choose green, read or blue for optional Night Light. What we should focus on is that the whisper quiet feature.Premium Humidifying Unit with Whisper-quiet Operation, Automatic Shut-off, and Night Light Function It is enough for my bedroom and living room space. it’s quite safe with an infant in the room, and there is no need to keep it close to the baby.

Though it works well with tap water. I suggest you put distilled water because the output mist is for your Baby. If you don’t have a distilled water often, you may write an email to the seller to send you a filter to prevent germs flowing. When it is running, it is so quiet that you can’t hear any voice when you push the button.

What you get in Box?

  • Water Tank
  • Humidifier Base
  • Dual-Mist Nozzle
  • Single-Mist Nozzle
  • Water Tank Cap
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Power Cord


Compared with the original Pure Enrichment humidifier which rank No.2 in our Top 10 best humidifiers 2017, it is more suitable for us because its bigger capacity and running time. you know,Babt sleeps more than 12 hours per time.  The price $59.9 is reasonable due to the working time, capacity, co-frienly material and other features. I have recommended to my friends who want to buy a humidifier for baby.


  • Humidifier function: This works wonderfully and produces a visible mist that puts water into the environment at a more rapid rate than other humidifiers.
  • Leakage/wetness:there are no problems with the concentrated mist descending to the floor and causing it to get wet (and my floor is hardwood, so it would be very noticeable if it got even damp)
  • Lights: For those who want colored lights while sleeping, this is a great option with the three different color choices and the neat appearance of the light shining up through the water.


  • Size:i dont mind it is a bit bigger because of its empty when I wake up morning. With that said, its output is really denser than your imagine.

2.Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier – Best Safety Humidifier For Baby 2017

checkprice 8 Best Humidifiers for Baby 2017 - Buyer's GuideWhen we plan to buy a Humidifier, For Adult we focus on usability and price. But For Baby they pay more attention on funny. 7 Colors LED light is the most attractive point for baby. And 3 Extra filers are the main point why we choose it one of the top 10 best humidifier for baby.

Why we said Aennon is the best safety humidifier, It is ETL Safety Approved for children unlike other humidifiers on Amazon! Automatic safety shut-off when reservoir is empty. 1.3 Liter capacity permits 6 hours use. Whisper quiet operation won’t interfere with your sleep or work. Safe to use day or night (no overheating); cool to touch.

The ETL Mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards. Authorities Having Jurisdiction(AHJs) and code officials across the US and Canada accept the ETL Listed Mark as proof of product compliance to published industry standards.


  • Automatic safety shut-off when the reservoir is empty.
  • Easily adjust the mist flow with the control knob.
  • 360° Degree nozzle lets you direct the mist in any direction.
  • Whisper quiet operation won’t interfere your or baby’s sleep.
  • High quality stone filter eliminates foul odors and keeps the humidifier clean.
  • 1.3 Liter capacity: working time is approx. 7 hours at max. flow rate.
  • Size: 6.5″x6.5″x9.5″ (16*16*24cm)
  • You get 3x Scented Sachets + 3x Extra Filters + 2x e-Books + 1x e-Course for FREE!


  • 3x Scented Sachets For Free
  • 3x Extra Filters For Free
  • 2x e-Books for free
  • 1x e-Course for Free
  • whisper quiet
  • Auto Shut off when waterless
  • ETL safety Approved


  • None

3. Crane Cartoon Series Humidifier-Best Cartoon Design humidifier for Baby 2017

checkprice 8 Best Humidifiers for Baby 2017 - Buyer's GuideThe next humidifier we are looking at is from Crane, and the series is known as the Crane Cartoon series. Now when it comes to humidifier for kids, the market is filled with amazing humidifiers, however, finding the right one is something very, very important.

Most people don’t really realize the importance of the humidifier for kids until they make kids down and down again and again.Because you only focus on performance but ignore the design. Now when you’re browsing the market for a new humidifier for your Kids, there are quite a lot of things that you need to keep in mind.

Cartoon Design is the Most importance.Many people don’t understand why Children like cartoon.The first reason why many kids like watching cartoons on television is that they are fun. Actually, most people do not want to be bored no matter what their age, but especially children because they always want to do something new and want to watch something fun.So, Crane actually hit the children requires and they know children.

Design, Material and Performance

10 Cartoon characters are available including dog, dragon,elephant,frog,monkey,pig,pink monster, robot,tiger and sheep.Featuring an award winning, child friendly animal designs and top rated performance.The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier has received numerous awards, including the iParenting Media Award, Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, Mom’s Best Winner, and 2010 Creative Child Magazine Award. It is also FDA and patent registered.

Another aspect considered by parents is material eco-friendly. Crane Clean Control Antimicrobial Material is proven to help reduce mold and bacteria growth up to 99.96%.

Crane’s cool mist humidifier provides a non-medicated relief for dry cough, nasal congestion and cold and flu symptoms.In this case, with the monkey, the mist comes out from two slits, placed on top of the head of the monkey, each one close to its ears. That actually makes the mist fall down much easier compared to the elephant. Therefore, if you can, try to place your humidifier up high on a shelf, or desk but NOT on the floor.


  • Children friendly Design
  • Whisper-Quite
  • Removable 1 gallon tank easily fits under most bathroom sinks
  • Cool mist
  • Auto shut off when it’s empty
  • It is see through, so it does help monitor how much water is left inside
  • Low to high setting
  • an option to use a filter for hardwater
  • Holds up to 1 Gallon of water
  • Easy to fill and Clean
  • There is a 1 year warranty
  • The mist spits out nicely and evenly


  •  no handle to carry the humidifier after it’s been filled
  • get frustrated when he goes to pick it up to move it and it comes apart
  • No “fill water to here” line
  • Crane USA did explain to me that they don’t have a “fill line” on the tank because it depends on how long you want to run your humidifier, how big the room is, etc.. They explained that there is no wrong amount on how much you can fill it.
  • -Cleaning instructions weren’t very instructional .Crane USA explained to me that they are aware of this and are working on redoing their manuals so they are more clear.
  • -Have to find a pan or silicone mat to place underneath it . This was quickly resolved as we used a silicone baking mat underneath it and it works just fine.

4.Honeywell HCM350W – Best Silence Humidifier in 2017

checkprice 8 Best Humidifiers for Baby 2017 - Buyer's GuideThe next Best humidifier for Baby is from Honeywell.  Honeywell HCM350W Humidifier is excellent to produce 99.9% germ and bacteria free cool mist. It keeps your health to prevent cough, scratchy throat and dry nasal passages. The humidifier uses the QuietCare Technology which enables it to run 25% quieter than the other ones.

Differ from Honeywell HCM-6009, Honeywell HCM350W humidifier is built for convenience. Durable tank to resist breaking. It is easy to carry large recessed tank handle. And it is easy to fill and sit flat in sink. The most importance is easy to clean with a wide tank opening. Certainly, There is a protect filter helps prevent the growth of mold and odor causing bacteria on the filter.

One of the most relevant features mentioned by many reviewers is silence. Since noisy humidifiers have been mortifying users for years, a silent, yet effective humidifier is what many people have been longing for.

Features & Specs

  • Whisper quiet – It is 25% quieter than other humidifiers.
  • Easy to adjust moisture output with 3 Speed Settings
  • Filter is for reducing dust and providing moisture output.
  • Working Time up to 24 hours
  • Dimensions:18.6 x 10.4 x 13 inches
  • weight:9.6 Pounds


  • Effective
  • Easy to clean
  • No white dust residue


  • Large footprint
  • a bit bulky;
  • The design is not that attractive;
  • Works best only in medium-sized rooms.

5.Purasense Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

checkprice 8 Best Humidifiers for Baby 2017 - Buyer's GuideNext up, we are going to look at something surprising. For those who don’t know, Purasense happens to be one of the best companies when it comes to creating best humidifier and best essential oil diffuser.

We quickly got our hands on the Humidifier for Baby named Purasense cool mist humidifier, and decided to put them through their paces. Are they any good? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to find out.

This 1.3L capacity with a Microporous Filter Cartridge Filters out microorganisms. It is effective up to 538 square feet.  We can adjust the level of humidity distributed in our Home. It runs almost waterless when working hour is up to 7 hours. What most importance is that this product features a lifetime guarantee.

  • Humidity and mist controls allow you to easily adjust the level of humidity distributed in your home (effective up to 538 sq ft)
  • 1.3L capacity permits over 7 hours of use, featuring a built-in timer, sleep mode, and a 360 degree rotating nozzle
  • Microporous Filter Cartridge filters out microorganisms and negative ions from water for a cleaner and healthier vaporizer humidifiers mist
  • Ultrasonic technology runs silently, providing cool humidifying mist without excess noise
  • All of our products feature a lifetime guarantee


  • 4.6 score High rated on Market
  • Auto shut off
  • Ultra-quiet Funcationality
  • LED Night Light


  • 1.3L Capacity, a little Small
  • if runs a longer time will be better

6. TOQI Baby Humidifier – Best Portable Humidifier for Baby 2017

checkprice 8 Best Humidifiers for Baby 2017 - Buyer's Guideor those wondering, TOQI is a relatively new company in the market that is aimed at providing quality Humidifier for Baby at a lower price point.

The company prides itself for being great mainly because they want to deliver the Best humidifiers experience to the general consumers without really any bad.

TOQI is a very small humidifier as essential oil diffuser.Small Size & Big Power with a 80ml capacity which is only last for 6-8 hours. With a 5V-1A USA cable, you may connect it to AC Adaptor, computer, power bank or car to wok. It is a perfect gift for family and friends who have babies because it can benefit from it. what most importance for every humidifiers is auto shutting off when waterless. No worrying about burning up.

The TOQI Humidifier sound surprisingly good; no, we are not comparing these to some really, really high end humidifiers for baby. As a matter of fact, we are talking about some of the other humidifiers in the same price range. While the performance is nothing spectacular, when you look at the price you’re paying is a lot more justified than some would admit.

Overall, the TOQI Humidifier for baby are really, really nice for the price you’re paying for them. Sure, they don’t really provide the best possible experience in the market, but looking at how cheap they are(under $20), and how brilliantly they perform, it’s pretty much a no brainier at this point.


  • Humidifier as well as essential oil diffuser
  • Unique portable design
  • Auto shut off when waterless


  • a little small

7.Pure Guardian H3200WCA – Best Long Running Time Humidifiers for Baby

checkprice 8 Best Humidifiers for Baby 2017 - Buyer's GuidePure Guardian is just one of the companies that have perfected the art of Humidifier for Baby, their Humidifiers have been around for years, and the H3200WCA and PureGuardian H4610 is known for being one of the best. Although Pure Guardian H3200WCA can be classified as pricier than the rest of the Humidifiers, they justify the price by delivering some great features.

Today, we are going to be looking at their latest and greatest; the Pure Guardian H3200WCA; for those who don’t know, the H3200WCA are basically the third iteration in the series that has enjoyed quite a lot of success. For starters, you are getting the same amazing sweat design and some nice upgrades.

It is 10.8L capacity with up to 100 hours Running time.It is Easy to assemble. Remove the lid, fill with water, place on the machine and plug up.Control panel/digital display that: (1) has a nightlight; (2) indicates when it needs to be refilled; (3) can be set for 4, 8 or 12 hours; and (4) mist control.

While I have not needed to clean the unit yet, the directions seem super simple. It even comes with a brush to assist you.It is a convenient size – about 2 feet high. It fits conveniently in a corner. It is pretty modern looking.This humidifier is great and adds just the right amount of moisture to the air. It’s great for people with allergies or congestion.


  • Space Saving Tower Design
  • 3-Speed Mist Control
  • Up to 12-Hour Timer
  • Multi-Directional Cool Mist
  • On/Off Night Light
  • Refill Indicator Light
  • Automatic Shut Off When Empty


  • None

8. Crane USA Hello Kitty Humidifier – Best cartoon Designed Humidifier for Girls

checkprice 8 Best Humidifiers for Baby 2017 - Buyer's GuideThe is the 2nd Crane USA humidifier in our list.  Crane is headquartered in Itasca, IL (just outside Chicago), with an office in Hong Kong and global distribution. Wachsmuth & Krogmann, Inc (W&K), is Crane’s parent company. W&K is an international trade company founded over 200 years ago and is headquartered in Hong Kong. Crane USA is good at humidifiers, Heaters, Purifiers, Aroma and something accessories.

There are 35 kinds of cartoon designed humidifiers on Crane. And hello kitty is just one of the most popular.Featuring an adorable, child friendly animal design, the BPA-free Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier provides up to 24 hours of moisture on medium setting from its removable one gallon water tank. Suitable for rooms up to 250 square feet in size, this compact unit is energy efficient and uses ultrasonic technology to add soothing moisture to the air.

In Fact, I have to say I ‘m not a Hello Kitty fan but my daughter thinks they are really cute. Crane USA hello kitty humidifier works really well and enough water to to work all night if I fill it fully before I go to sleep. It is pretty quiet


  • extremely cute
  • easy to use
  • well built
  • can be used as a decorative piece (if hello kitty is your thing)


  • slight hissing sound when on
  • filmsy nob and button

Overall, I would recommend the Crane filters. It’s easy to use, looks nice in my daughter’s room, and the night light is an added bonus.


When we choose a right humidifier for our baby. we should focus on not only the features, quality but also considering the design for baby. Crane USA does it well.

So, there you have it, folks! 8 of the best humidifiers for baby tried and tested in order to help you make the best possible decision. Now you should keep in mind that finding a winner wasn’t easy, however, the one best humidifier for baby that managed to stand out was none other than the Crane USA Hello kitty.

Thanks to the amazing bass performance, brilliant capacity, and overall Mist outputting, choosing the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier XL as our favorite pick wasn’t really a difficult decision. We hope the list helped you as much as it was intended to.

In case you feel that we left out some other great humidifiers for baby, feel free to let us know.


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