It is necessary to keep a Cool Mist Humidifier for relatively dry area. Everyone’s skin is not the same and different humidity effects are also not the same. But it feels very comfortable in the appropriate humidity. So, it is importance for us to choose a Best Humidifiers. Today,we would like to show u 10 Best Cool Mist Humidifiers.


Best Cool Mist Humidifier 2017

1.TaoTronics 3.5L/0.95 gallon 

WX20171106-213855@2x-300x294 6 Best Cool Mist Humidifier 2017As one of our list in Best Humidifier 2017 under $50. Taotronics is an excellent choice for Cool Mist Humidifier. At a low price Cool mist Humidifier, this humidifier emits vapor that improves the air to help you breath clearer. Bonus: It has the added effect of keeping skin healthy and hydrated. Since it operates on a super-stealthy level (re: quietly), it’s perfect for light sleepers or office use.

Another advantage of having this Cool Mist Humidifier is that Extra fine ceramic filter filters out water impurity, harmful bacteria and bad odor at molecular level, leaving you with a clean and pure water vapor. We do not recommend adding any essential oil or similar 


  • two 360 degree nozzles are included to mist in two different directions.
  • Once the water tank is low, the machine auto-detects to shut-off.
  • The 3.5 liter water tank will last you up to 10 hours,
  • easy clean design.
  • small and absorbent filter .


  • No Warm mist output choice

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2.Honeywell HCM350W – Best Silence Humidifier in 2017

WX20171106-213855@2x-300x294 6 Best Cool Mist Humidifier 2017The next Best Cool Mist humidifier is from Honeywell.Honeywell HCM350W Humidifier Which is also in our list of best humidifier for baby. it is excellent to produce 99.9% germ and bacteria free cool mist. It keeps your health to prevent cough, scratchy throat and dry nasal passages. The humidifier uses the QuietCare Technology which enables it to run 25% quieter than the other ones.

Honeywell HCM350W humidifier is built for convenience. Durable tank to resist breaking. It is easy to carry large recessed tank handle. And it is easy to fill and sit flat in sink. The most importance is easy to clean with a wide tank opening. Certainly, There is a protect filter helps prevent the growth of mold and odor causing bacteria on the filter.

One of the most relevant features mentioned by many reviewers is silence. Since noisy humidifiers have been mortifying users for years, a silent, yet effective humidifier is what many people have been longing for.

Features & Specs

  • Whisper quiet – It is 25% quieter than other humidifiers.
  • Easy to adjust moisture output with 3 Speed Settings
  • Filter is for reducing dust and providing moisture output.
  • Working Time up to 24 hours
  • Dimensions:18.6 x 10.4 x 13 inches
  • weight:9.6 Pounds


  • Effective
  • Easy to clean
  • No white dust residue


  • Large footprint
  • a bit bulky;
  • The design is not that attractive;
  • Works best only in medium-sized rooms.

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3. VAVA Cool Mist Humidifier – Best Portable Humidifier

WX20171106-213855@2x-300x294 6 Best Cool Mist Humidifier 2017Compared with the normal humidifiers, VAVA Cool Mist humidifier is different. It is so convenience for u to take it away when you are on the way to journey during Fall or Winter.From nights in hotels to hopping off a plane, the VAVA Cool Mist Humidifier is an easy travel option to take with you wherever you go. Unlike bulky humidifiers, Unique vertical ovalc shape fits narrow spaces for better air wherever you ar. With a 60oz Space-Saving Designed , it’s your best bet for a better night’s sleep.

The VAVA Cool Mist Humidifier features a knob control to which is Includes a 360° nozzle for control of the airflow, smart LED indicator for optimized use, and intelligent protection that keeps the humidifier safe if used incorrectly. It operates noise-free until the 1.8L tank is empty, automatically shutting off for safer use which is also one of best humidifier for baby. Experts say it has a generous water tank given its size. Many also rave about the style, which looks great on a bedside table. They do warn that refilling the tank can be messy, but they say the stylish stature makes up for this quality.


Power Source:AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Water Tank:1.8L/60oz
Work Environment:5℃-45℃/41℉-113℉≤90%RH


  • Portable
  • 360° nozzle for control of the airflow
  • LED indicator
  • Noise Free
  • oval shape for easy Pouring water
  • Straightforward Dial Knob Controls


  • None

Compared it with an older humidifier and concluded that the VAVA Cool Mist Humidifier with Top Fill is miles ahead considering its efficiency and mold-free design.I am obviously voting for this product so getting one is a worthwhile venture.

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4.URPOWER 5L Cool mist Humidifier – Best Design Cool Mist Humidifier

WX20171106-213855@2x-300x294 6 Best Cool Mist Humidifier 2017Differ From VAVA Cool Mist Humidifier, URPOWER 5L Humidifier is a large Capacity one.With 5Litres water tank which can emit a cool water vapor into the air for full night.When you are going to sleep, You can choose Sleep Mode which will be middle mist output and all indicator light will turn off. The most importance is the safety Function, it is automatic shut-off when waterless so that it won’t overheat or short circuit.

Buyers of this product are a big fan of the build, which is considered “mid-sized” compared to other models. Despite this, it still has a large water tank. Due to 5L large Capacity, it is also one of best humidifier for Large Room as well.Throughout the reviews, the main source of conversation stems from the silent operation and lack of light or flashing features — both big advantages when it comes to securing a restful night’s sleep. But of course, the design was the biggest factor behind why people went with the URPOWER 5L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier in the first place.


Capacity: 5L
Voltage: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Power: 30W
Max Mist volume: 350ml/h
Working time: 14 -17 hours


Sleep mode.
Adjustable mist.
Simple and stylish design.
Auto shut off for safety.
Whisper-quiet operation won’t interfere with your sleep.


  • Large Capacity
  • Perfect Design
  • Sleep Mode
  • Safety Function
  • Easy-operate


  • none

Other URPOWER Humidifiers:

5.Luma Comfort HC12B Cool Mist Humidifier

WX20171106-213855@2x-300x294 6 Best Cool Mist Humidifier 2017

It is a $99 Humidifier. But now you can buy it with a $50 off. There is only 2 left for this discount.Please Click to Luma HC12B Humidifier on Amazon Get $50 off instantly: Pay $49.98 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card

Luma Comfort HC12B Cool Mist Humidifier is an excellent cool mist humidifier with an output of 2.5 gallons in a day. It Effectively humidifies up to 650 sq. ft. The free-noise design help you comfortable in a cool and nice environment. It has 8 types of mist settings and a pleasant design. Like most of Humidifier, It Helps relieve allergy, cold and flu symptoms.


  • Can humidify spaces up to 650 square feet.
  • Fully adjustable height for table-top or floor use.
  • Whisper-quiet ultrasonic cool mist technology.
  • Demineralization cartridge.
  • Includes Remote control.


  • Ten very loud, shrieking dings when it thinks it’s out of water, terrible to wake up to
  • very nasty slime buildup quite quick.
  • Very difficult to reach areas on the bottom base.

6.Pure Enrichment-Best Whisper-quiet Humidifier

WX20171106-213855@2x-300x294 6 Best Cool Mist Humidifier 2017It is a small Cool Mist Humidifier with a 1.5L Capacity. We Focus on the features Whisper-quiet. Pure enrichment Humidifier works up to 16hours with a 1.5-liter tank capacity.Great for a small to medium sized room (nursery, bedroom, office, den to about 200 sq. ft). Not as good enough as Luma Humidifier which it is suitable for a 600 sq.t room.

n fact, There is an optional place to put a filter if needed. Package not included but asks you to review them and you can receive one for free. If you are a Lazy one and not clean it occasionaly I suggest you make a review and Get a Free one.


  • Whisper-quiet
  • A Brush for Cleaning in box
  • Easy to Clean
  • an Optional for Filter,You will get one for free if you review it


  • The light is very bright and does not turn off.
  • Normal Mold Design

Difference Between Warm mist Humidifier and Cool Mist Humidifier

Before spending money, however, it is important to know exactly what you are buying. Several parts and features, therefore, are provided in the reviews given below, so that the buyers who are new to this would be able to choose wisely according to their needs.

Cool Mist humidifier, made of ultrasonic oscillator, we call it a transducer as well. It makes high-frequency oscillation to water, which will atomize the water into 1 ~ 3μm tiny particles.Because people’s eyes is not beyond so high resolution ratio, it looks like to see a gas group that it is steam Bale.

In the end of this Post. I hope Yamibest will become one of the most excellent Blog for Humidifiers Review. We concentrate on Humidifiers Reviews F ro years and I believe that Yamibest is going to become.a Influence Blog for Home & Gardening Products Reviews and Help most of the people to choose a right Products.

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