20170503213336111-300x271 Aircare EP9 800 Whole House HumidifierAircare EP9 800 is a big Humidifier which is designed for Whole House or Large Room. It is one of the best Humidifiers in Yamibest List. It is manufactured by Essick Air.

For more than 90 years, Essick Air Products, Inc provides humidifiers and coolers for residential and commercial units. Differ from URPOWR and Pure Enrichment,  Essick Air concentrates on whole house humidifiers. Their products range from convenient tabletop humidifiers to an extensive array of whole-house evaporative humidifiers and coolers.


  • Dimension: 18 x 18 x 27.2 inches
  • weight: 27 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 30.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer:Essick Air
  • Model:EP9 800


Great for large house

Aircare EP9 800 is designed for medium house up to 2400 square feet.

Digital Humidistat

Digital Humidistat Automatically Maintains Your Desired Humidity Level with Digital Accuracy

Digital Readout

It Displays Actual Humidity Level, Desired Humidity Level or Fan Speed.

9 Fan Speeds

It allow u to Select Your Ideal Performance Level.Choose the comfortable level according to your preference.

Auto shut-off

it will be auto shut-off when water empty.

Benefit from Aircare EP9 800

  • Prevents Flu and allergies
  • Reduces Pet dander and dust
  • Relieves dry skin and sore throat
  • Protects find furniture and wood floors

Yamibest Review

I bought two filters for Aircare EP9 800 Humidifier. Generally, I use the disinfectant and chasing filters depends on dust getting into the unit. I think it works well over 6 month but I suggest u change it every 3 months if you always use filters. It is up to 60 hours running time, it is long time enough though it is just half of Pure Guardian H4610.

This unit was able to increase and hold humidity to a solid 45% from 21% in a couple of hours. The humidifier seemed to max out around 55% which is ten points higher than most sources recommend. The unit doesn’t seem taxed to hold humidity at 45%.

In a words, It works well and keeps my house at a proper humidity level so far.It is one of the best humidifier for whole house and large room in my mind.


  • For Medium Home up to 2400 square feet
  • up to 60 hours Runtime
  • 3.5 Gallon Tank Capacity
  • Energy Efficient
  • 9 Fan Speeds
  • Customizable Humidity settings
  • Water Refill Indicator
  • Pour-in Fill Reservoir


  • a bit noisy
  • The fill mechanism is a slot in the front
  • The front indicator on this is very bright blue


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