The need for an efficient and eco-friendly power source led to the invention of the solar light a couple of years ago. Since then, many companies have come up with different solar lights to the delight of the consumers.

However, it is sometimes challenging to pick the best outdoor solar light due to the huge number of outdoor solar lights available.

To assist you to make the right choice without spending much time on the Internet, this is an honest review of 10 of the best outdoor solar light:

Best Outdoor Solar Lights for Outdoor & Garden in 2017

Solar lights Lighting Hours/ Recharge Time waterproof feature Design
Color-Changing Solar-Powered Light built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery, lights up for 8 hours after getting fully charged YES Auto on and off,No installation required Decorative lamp for indoor and outdoor purpose Check Price
Sogrand Solar Light recharge during the day so that at night you have enough power to last until morning YES No wiring required Classic design Check Price
GIGALUMI Solar Lights It has 1.2V 600mAh NI-MH AAA battery which lasts for 8 hours after full charge It turns on automatically as per need, Color changing LED Diamond lens, multi color options Check Price
URPOWER 2-in-1 Solar Light uilt-in 18650 lithium rechargeable battery(2200mAh). Light up 6-9 hours after fully charged YES Fully adjustable,Auto on/off  , 2 modes Adjustable solar wall lights with automated switch. Check Price
Mulcolor Outdoor Solar Light 12 hours lighting time after oneday charging YES Wireless,30 LEDs,Energy saving Innovative design Check Price
Doingart Solar Light can work for 8-10 hours after fully charged YES Lights automatically up in the dark,Eco- friendly, no wiring required Decorative design, Check Price
SurLight Color-Changing Solar Light stay lit all night (up to 10 hours) when fully charged (6 hours in the sun). YES Easy to install, Aumatic on, Diamond Lamps Check Price
Nekteck Solar Lights Built-in rechargeable battery with 3000mAh capacity YES  longer distance motion sensor, No wires or adapters needed It is designed to illuminate your outdoor walkways, dining areas and decks Check Price
Check Price
Sogrand 3-Mosaic Solar powered by a solar charged AA battery that is user replaceable. YES reasonable price, Blue, purple and yellow mosaic lampshades Check Price
InnoGear Upgraded 2-in-2 Solar Light Longer Working Time with built-in 18650 lithium rechargeable battery (2200mAh) YES Auto on at night / Auto off at sunrise, 2 Level Brightness working modes Upgraded frosted solar panel Check Price


1.Color-Changing Solar-Powered Light – The only solar light with rechargeable NI-MH battery

81ESeQYDXXL._SL1000_-1 Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor & Garden 2017This is the first product on this list. The solar light is one of the best solar lights for outdoor use at any time. Made by one of the best solar companies, it has some outstanding features that justify placing it among the best solar lights to consider when shopping for one. Some of these attractive features are:

They are with some mosaic glasses so that the atmosphere will be colorful and romantic. That gives you a memorable outdoor enjoyment at dusk.You can switch between its two modes to give your environment the look and feel that gives you the best feeling. It has a single mode with white light and a mode that changes its colorful light. It is satisfying to know that this lamp can be used for different purposes as it is one of the best solar lights for garden.

Its solar panel is highly efficient. With the assistance of its built-in battery, it can serve you for as long as 8 hours if it is fully charged. The lamp is also light-sensitive. This allows it to automatically switch on at night and switch off when the sun rises. No matter the situation, you are assured of having your light on and off at the appropriate time, even if you are unavailable to monitor that.

Its convenience of use is also promoted by its no installation requirement. This saves you from incurring extra expenses on wiring and installation fee.It is also energy-saving with the potential to reduce your power bills. This spares you the risk of running high utility bills as a result of running your home on electricity always.

Since it is used for outdoor purposes, you can count on its water-proof feature to be assured of full immunity against damage by water through rusting and other related problems that may affect its lifespan.It also has a 600mA Ni-MH battery for power storage so that you can have sufficient power to light up everywhere around you from dusk to dawn.


This lamp has some pros that you should consider. These are:

  • It can be hung anywhere outdoor.
  • Its power switch can be useful in switching off the light when going to bed without waiting for the auto switch to do that in the morning.
  • You can order a replacement battery for it.
  • It works in all weathers, including winter.


The solar light also has some shortcomings in spite of its array of attractive features. Consider these few:

  • It is not very bright compared with some solar lights with enviable brightness.
  • It doesn’t come with anything to hang it on.

2.Sogrand Solar Light– The best environmental-friendly solar light

81ESeQYDXXL._SL1000_-1 Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor & Garden 2017Nothing can take away from the efficiency and ease of use of this solar light with the versatility of use that is second to none. This product of Sogrand has lived up to its reputation as one of the best solar lights from this reputable solar company. Of course, the reputation of the solar light is also connected with its avalanche of appealing attributes. Some of them are discussed here.

The solar light has one of the best designs among its contemporaries. With its classic design, you have an attractive solar light that can be used to illuminate your walkway, pathway, or driveway.Decorating this light to enhance its beauty is very easy. You can decorate it the way you want so that your patio, driveway, or flower beds can enjoy the beauty of its wonderful glow at night. When decorating this amazing solar light, bring your creativity into the decoration.

You don’t need to be unduly concerned about the weather if you have this light at home. You can use it whenever pleases you without running the risk of losing it to the weather because it is properly designed with a reliable weatherproof feature. That reassures you of the possibility of using the light for years without bothering yourself about replacing it.The light offers you more than illumination. It also enhances the beauty of the house, garden, and wherever you use it. With its brilliant light and beauty, you have one of the best solar lights to include on your shopping list.

Sometimes, people are discouraged from using solar light out of the fear of being expensive. On the contrary, this solar light is cost-effective because the price is affordable for all and sundry. Regardless of your status, it is within your reach.It is also very easy to use. Without the cost of installation and the time to look for a competent technician, the light saves you from incurring extra installation expenses while you can start using it immediately since it is without installation.The lamp part is made of plastic to reduce its weight and make it resistant to rust.


The pros of the solar light include the following:

  • It has a reliable auto on/off switch.
  • Cost effective. It is readily affordable.
  • If they are well arranged they can boost the security of your property by providing the right illumination at night.
  • Its ease of use is a great bonus to the users.
  • It is not big and bulky.

You can install it anywhere in your home: your landscape, lawn, garden, driveway, yard, pathway, and wherever it will serve you better.


The cons of this Sogrand solar light are:

  • The paints sometimes peel off after some weeks of use.
  • Some users are not comfortable with its small size.

3. GIGALUMI Solar Lights – The solar light with diamond lens

81ESeQYDXXL._SL1000_-1 Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor & Garden 2017This solar light is produced by GIGALUMI, one of the best names in solar light manufacturing. It is not out of order that this outdoor solar light is uniquely designed to meet the needs of its ever-growing users.

To prepare the light for use in the different parts of the home, GIGALUMI incorporated these features into this amazing product:

Each of the solar lights has two LEDs. Each of the two LEDs performs a different function that makes the light more attractive. The white light is primarily for illuminating the environment while the color-changing LED is purposely for decoration.For an above ordinary beauty, it is fitted with diamond lens which works in collaboration with the light to give the environment an extraordinarily beautiful appeal.

· The construction of this outdoor solar light is done with stainless steel. That is the secret behind its lightweight. In addition to the light weight, stainless steel can also resist rust and other related problems that may serve as a potential threat to the beauty of the light.To provide you with enough outdoor solar light, the product comes with 4 packs so that you will have sufficient light to light up your environment at night.The light also turns off automatically at night. This feature makes it a dependable source of light at night, even if you are away from home.

Since it is powered by solar energy, the need for AC current and wiring is eliminated. Without those issues, you can start using the light as soon as it is dark. Of course, you don’t have to pay any expert for the installation. That reduces your expenses by some few bucks.It is designed for providing light for your environment and other places such as the garden, pathway, drive way, the lawn, patio, and other places outdoor where illumination is needed at night.


The benefits of using this powerful solar light from this leading solar light manufacturer are:

  • · The light is made of explosion-free materials. Therefore, the threat of explosion is eliminated.
  • · You don’t have to worry yourself about overheating because that is adequately taken care of in its design.
  • · You reduce your expenses by not hiring any technician for installation. That makes it cheap and affordable.
  • · The illumination at night beautifies your home in addition to providing more security for the home. That is the reason why it has a place among the best solar lights for garden.
  • · Throughout the duration of the night, rest assured of uninterrupted illumination by this solar light for 8 hours after charging the light fully.
  • · It has unlimited areas of use outside the home.


Some little cons of this efficient solar light are:

  • · The light may not be bright occasionally.

4.URPOWER 2-in-1 Solar Light – The only landscape technology-powered Solar Light.

81ESeQYDXXL._SL1000_-1 Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor & Garden 2017URPOWER is an excellent brand on Home & Garden products. their humidifier is also in our list of top 10 best humidifiers in 2017.This adjustable wall light is a unique solar light that is the preferred choice of many people due to its uniqueness. Driving by the latest landscaping technology, you can’t beat the second-to-none qualities of this powerful solar light. The features include:

The light is environmentally friendly because it is made of materials that offer zero hazards to the environment. So, you are perfectly safe and not susceptible to any danger when using this device.Its compact design makes it attractive in appearance. That also bears on the appearance of the environment where it is used at night.

Unlike some outdoor solar lights, this brand is very easy to operate. By following the User’s manual, you have an efficient light source that you can use to the full without breaking a sweat.What about its waterproof attribute? Rest assured that the light is well protected and is not at the risk of any damage by water. No rust. No any unexpected damage that may shorten its lifespan.

Regardless of the weather, you can enjoy the services of this light throughout the year.  It is built to withstand the weather and provide you a year-long service.You can use it for any landscape, decks, grass area, docks, and the rest. As a result, it is made to serve you in different capacities as long as it is fully charged.Like some other solar lights mentioned here, it also requires no wiring. Yu simply need to install the light and enjoy its service.

· It has two different modes to choose from at night. Use the high-light mode for ultimate brightness or the dim-light mode for the minimum light you need. No matter your light choice, be confident that the solar light is well-equipped to serve you in different capacities.Its 2200mAh 18,500 lithium battery is a powerful power bank that can serve you for at least 8 hours when working at the maximum capacity.


It is not unexpected for a solar light with this long list of features not to have some pros. These are discussed below:

  • · Just install and use it without much ado.
  • · Its waterproof level of IP64 is assuring.
  • · It is not bulky.
  • · You don’t need to be physically present at home to operate it. The automatic on/off switch will take care of that.
  • · It can also serve you in any weather. Its resistance against any weather is assured.
  • · You can stick it into the ground if you want or mount it on the wall. You have a choice.


Regardless of the impressive pros of the light, it has its own share of cons. They are:

  • · Its power reduces after being in use for some months.
  • · All the lights may not work properly at once.

5.Mulcolor Outdoor Solar Light – The most powerful motion-sensitive solar light

81ESeQYDXXL._SL1000_-1 Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor & Garden 2017Mulcolor designed this solar light to be sensitive enough to serve as security for a home. Powered by a technology that allows it to detect people’s movements, this is the ideal solar light for homes where street or city lights are nonexistent. An understanding of the features of the light will explain its uniqueness.

· This is one of the brightest outdoor solar lights. The innovative design behind this light powers it with 30 LEDs that are as powerful as possible. This makes the light to be brighter that its competitors in the market. Another exceptional feature of the light is its long lifespan. Whenever it is fully charged, it offers longer ability than others by providing more than 12 hours of lighting a day.

· It also has a powerful sensor that makes it sense people’s movement. To a range of 10 feet, it is efficient in sensing people’s movement at 120 degrees. When it senses movements, it automatically turns on for about 10 to 15 seconds before it turns off again.It is also highly durable and waterproof. It is made of high-quality plastic to make it waterproof. It also has neither radiation nor strobe to affect its durability negatively. No matter the weather, it is IP64 rated so that its efficiency is not eroded by any weather. This guarantees its use round the year without any interruption.

· It is wireless and easy to install. With a couple of screws, you can screw it to the wall to provide you lighting at night. You don’t need to concern yourself with any potential damage by the weather or during screwing. This outdoor solar light is very durable.


This solar light deserves credit for its pros listed below:

  • · Its 18650 rechargeable battery with 1200mAh ensures it is available for use always.
  • · It also boasts of fast charging. With its big solar panel of 1.3w, it is bigger than most solar light panels and charges faster than them.
  • · Its durability is another important pro. This eliminates the need of constantly changing the solar light.
  • · It has a tilt design that removes the threat of becoming the dumping ground for rain.
  • · It is very bright because it has 30 LEDs which makes the light to provide more than 720 lumens for use.
  • · It is also waterproof so that its immunity against damage by water is guaranteed.
  • · Since it can detect movement, it can serve as security for your home or complement the existing security measure.


The main cons of this Mulcolor product include:

  • · It has just on/off options. As a movement detector, it is expected to have a dim mode.
  • · The duration of the light on sighting movement is too small at about 15 seconds.
  • · It can’t detect movement until it is very close.
  • · You need about 7 to 8 hours of sunlight to charge it. That’s pretty too long.

6.  Doingart Solar Light – The only insect-themed solar light

81ESeQYDXXL._SL1000_-1 Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor & Garden 2017Solar garden light is taken to a new level by the manufacturers of this solar light. It comes in varieties of shape and an array of shapes too. The notable features of the light that are responsible for booking a space for this solar light on this list are:

· It comes in different shapes such as butterfly, hummingbird, and dragonfly. This offers decorative benefit in addition to lighting up your environment.Its different colors also provide a cool effect on your property. With its rainbow-like colors of yellow, red, green, white, blue, and purple, the light effect it provides is out of this world. Its beauty and efficiency are enhanced with its 5 LED bulbs that are hidden in a transparent stake to give it an extraordinarily look.

· It also has a lithium battery with the ability to provide light for 10 hours when the battery has been fully charged.Its durability is also noteworthy. Made with the right materials, it is manufactured with durability in mind so that the users can enjoy the benefits of using this light for as long as possible.It is also eco-friendly. Without damaging the environment, the light gives you illumination that has no zero negative effect on your home and environment.

· Just like all other solar lights, it is very easy to install. Since no wiring is required, you have no need of buying wires or spending on installation services. You can install and use it as soon as it is delivered to you at home.When it is raining, it is well protected with its waterproof feature. The same can be said of during snowy weathers.You can use it in a number of places at home. Whether in your walkway, the fence, flowers, garden, flowerbed, or other outdoor places in your home where good illumination is a necessity, this product is there for you.

· Do you have any issues with it and need any assistance. Don’t worry; there is a reliable and efficient customer service to attend to your needs in less than 24 hours. You also have a 12-month warranty on the product while you can still take advantage of the 30-day money back guaranteed offered by the producers. These are some ways that your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Some common pros of the light include:

  • · Ease of installation.
  • · It is water resistant and durable.
  • · It has different shapes and colors to choose from.
  • · It can be automatically switched on and off with its auto switch.
  • · It is light and durable because it is made of plastic and aluminum alloy.


As of the time of writing this review, no flaw(s) of this outdoor solar light has been identified. This is quite unusual because it is rare for a product to be completely error free. In the quest to give you an honest review of this product, this article will be updated whenever any flaw is identified.

7. SurLight Color-Changing Solar Light – The only color-changing LED solar light

81ESeQYDXXL._SL1000_-1 Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor & Garden 2017If you want a unique solar light that has a place among the top solar lights for garden with all the features to give you a memorable lighting experience in a wide range of colours, you have one of the best solar lights to run to.

With tons of second-to-none attributes, this is the real deal as far as solar light for outdoor use is concerned. These are just a handful of the attributes of this color-changing LED solar light:

· It has an automatic sensor that functions primarily to convert sunlight into electric energy for charging the built-in battery that comes with the solar light. At night, the light is automatically turned on to provide the appropriate illumination at the right time.The solar garden light is also made of diamond. The beauty of the diamond combines well with the solar light to give you an unquantifiable beauty and appeal that will literally transform your property into a beauty to behold at night.

· The diamond lamps also change colors. This ability and the lampshades in multilateral forms add more elegance to your garden, path, yard, and patio.Since it is designed to be used in any weather, the solar pole and lamp are made of stainless steel while plastic is used for covering the diamond. This ensures that the light is resistant to water and other potentially destructive elements.You don’t need extra skills to assemble and install the light and neither do you need the services of a professional technician for that too. The solar light comes with installation instructions that will walk you through the installation process which is expected to cost you some minutes.

· It also comes with an auto switch that is responsible for switching on and off the light at the appropriate time without having to be personally on the ground to do it manually.If it is running on a battery that is fully charged, expect it to provide light for 10 hours uninterruptedly.  That is long enough to take you throughout the night.

· Imagine the effect of the colorful lamps on your property at night! That is beside providing you with enough light for the night. With its light-changing attribute, rest assured of getting your home beautified and illuminated.


Some of the attractive pros of the efficient solar light are:

  • · They are durable.
  • · They add beauty and illumination to your property.
  • · The light is affordable.
  • · It can be used in any weather.


These are just two cons of the light:

  • · You can’t mount them on your walls.
  • · They need a good amount of sunlight to be fully charged.

8. Nekteck Solar Lights – The solar light with the best battery capacity

81ESeQYDXXL._SL1000_-1 Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor & Garden 2017Nekteck Solar company designed this garden wall light to illuminate your garden as well as boost your home’s security by leveraging solar energy. In addition to helping you saving money, the light provides some other functions such as illuminating your home. The features of this light are defined here:

· It has a solar panel that is efficient enough to provide the needed light at night. Supported by 25 LED, it can work throughout the night without interrupting the illumination.Its built-in battery has a capacity of 3000mAh and is rechargeable. It works together with the solar panel to ensure that you have access to uninterrupted power supply throughout the night.

· With a waterproof rating of IPX5, the manufacturer made this solar light to be resistant to the damaging effects of water. This is to preserve the durability of this solar light.You can choose from the two modes of this light. There is the On/Off and Bright Mode that is automatically operated whenever movement is detected around your property at dust. When the motion is no longer detected, the light automatically turns off. The second mode is the Dim and Bright Mode. This mode provides dim light at dusk if no movement is detected. Upon the detection of movement, it switches into maximum brightness.

· It has a motion sensor that can detect motion from a long distance as much as 5 meters. As such, you can easily monitor any suspicious movement around your property.It is also waterproofed. This enables it to be useful both in the rain and during the winter so that nothing will impact negatively on its durability.Installing this light is very easy. To install it, you don’t need adapters or wires. You only need to screw the light to wherever you want and have your home illuminated promptly at dusk.


Some of the important positive sides of this light are:

  • It can be used to illuminate your yard, patio, garden, driveway, porch, and aisle.
  • No extra fee for installation.
  • It is weather and water resistant. Hence, its durability cannot be questioned and can serve you for many years.
  • Two modes to choose from according to your preference.

· It can produce as much as 450 lumens of light.

  • Its motion sensor works in alliance with the illumination provided to beef up your home security.
  • A powerful solar panel and an efficient rechargeable battery ensure that you have the solar light to serve you for long.


These are the potential cons of the solar light:

  • It doesn’t come in different colors.
  • It is more expensive than most of its competitors on this list.

9. Sogrand 3-Mosaic Solar – The only 3-color mosaic lampshade solar light

81ESeQYDXXL._SL1000_-1 Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor & Garden 2017This is the second solar light from Sogrand Solar Light company. This is an evidence of the quality of the products of this solar company. This solar light that automatically turns on at night has some incorporated features that support its functions. These include:

· It is made of stainless steel and mosaic lamp. The stainless steel contributes to its durability as it resistant to the destructive effects of the weather and other elements.It also has 3 LED white light to give you the needed light in your patio, driveway, lawn and other places.The decorative glow of the solar light adds more beauty to your home as you can light practically anywhere outside your home with a glowing light at night.It is also weatherproof so that it can be useful whatever the weather, whether the night is rainy, there is a sunny day, or in the snow.

· You can also make a choice from its lampshades that come in different colors. If your preference is yellow, you have it. Likewise, there are purple and blue lampshades too.You can easily install it without any professional assistance since there is no need for wiring or other technicalities. You only need to install it and use it as soon as possible.

· In compliance with the general norm, this Sogrand Solar Light also comes with an auto On/Off switch to automatically switch the light to the desirable condition at the right time. At dusk, you are assured of having it switched on to serve its purpose of illuminating the outside of your property while it immediately switches off as soon as the sun rises to be charged by sunlight.

· It is made of the best materials that will enhance its beauty as well as provide the needed illumination for long. The combination of high-quality stainless steel and some pieces of colored glass make the solar light to rank among the best solar lights for outdoor use.It has a built-in battery to provide light for the duration of the night if the battery is fully charged. As a result, your pathways are guaranteed of proper illumination throughout the duration of the night. This offers your home an improved security a boost as all dark places are well illuminated.

· To ensure that most people benefit from using this durable and efficient solar garden light brand, it is cheap and affordable. For some few bucks, you can get one of the products and install it at home.


This is a list of some of the pros of this powerful and efficient product:

  • · The light is colorful and beautiful, enhancing the beauty of your environment.
  • · The glass mosaic makes it more attractive.
  • · It is durable and can serve you for years.
  • · This particular solar light charges quickly without delay.


Some of the cons of this multi-colored solar light include:

  • · The light is not super bright.
  • · The users are restricted to only one mode.

10. InnoGear Upgraded 2-in-2 Solar Light – The solar light with no need for protective film

81ESeQYDXXL._SL1000_-1 Top 10 Best Solar Lights for Outdoor & Garden 2017InnoGear is a familiar brand if you read my list of top 10 best essential oil diffuser 2017. this company is also good at solar light. When this upgraded solar light is compared with the previous version, there are stark differences between the two as evidenced in this model’s stability against the wind, rain, and snow. That justifies its inclusion in the league of elite solar lights that are considered second-to-none solar lights for garden. It also enjoys a bigger solar panel in addition to the awesome features discussed below:

· It offers you 2 different installation methods to choose from. For instance, while you can mount it on the wall, you can also stick it to the ground if that is your choice.Its auto on and off switch also provides ease of use to the user. With it, you don’t have to worry about switching it off in the morning and switching it on at night. That is automatically taken care of.Its 18650 rechargeable lithium battery is rated 2200mAh to provide the platform for saving light that will be used during the night. This battery has a 3-year lifespan to serve you for a couple of years without the need for a sudden replacement.

· The solar panel and light are adjustable. This allows the light to illuminate the important spots in your home. The adjustable solar panel is also useful in adjusting for the best sun exposure.It has two brightness modes. There is the High Light Mode where the solar light can provide illumination for about 4 to 6 hours while the Low Light Mode affords you the opportunity to light your environment for about 8 to 12 hours at night.You can install the solar light in different parts of your house including the patio, pathways, driveways, the lawn, and other important outdoor spaces where the need for proper illumination at night is necessary. This is one of the best outdoor solar lights that are made of plastic for light weight and resistance to erosion to increase the durability and lifespan of the light.


These are a couple of the pros of the InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights:

  • · It is inexpensive and affordable.
  • · You can leverage the adjustability of the panel for effective charging during the day.
  • · It has a long battery life.
  • · It boasts of easy assembling and installation.
  • · It offers both illumination and security for your property at night.
  • · It comes with a 12-month warranty.


The cons of this upgraded InnoGear solar light are:

  • · Its charging time of 8 hours is considered too long.
  • · The light is not as bright as some solar lights with enviable brightness.
  • · The stake may not be sturdy.


This is an honest review of the top 10 solar lights for garden. Whenever you need a reliable solar light for outdoor use, use this practical guide to help you make the right choice.

It is my desire that you find this informative review useful as you go ahead to illuminate your home with beautiful and efficient outdoor solar light. This is your opportunity to combine illumination with security at home.

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